How to Earn Money from PhonePe App 2023 – 10 Easy Ways

How to earn money from PhonePe App? In today’s time, everyone is interested in making online payments because it will save time, there is no need to go anywhere and these online payments also earn money through cashback or referral.

Because in today’s time, money can be earned from the internet through mobile apps, in which earning money from Blogging and YouTube is a big thing, here is how to earn money from mobile even from small apps like Phone Pe and Google Pay.

That is why in today’s post we will talk about Earning from PhonePe in which I will give you information about the Earning Proof of my PhonePe and how to earn money from PhonePe App.

There is a very useful app on the phone, through which you can do everything from mobile recharge, sending money to someone, receiving money from someone, paying any kind of bill, and booking any ticket, all from home using this app. And you can earn money from this also.

How to Earn Money from PhonePe App

How to Earn Money from PhonePe App 2023 – 10 Easy Ways
How to Earn Money from PhonePe App 2023 – 10 Easy Ways

By the way, this is not the only way to earn money from PhonePe app because every day new ways of earning money are created on the phone, in which Refer And Earn is also a way in which you can earn from PhonePe without doing anything, just by referral. can.

Phonepe App Review in English

Main pointDescription
App NamePhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge
App CategoryPayment App
App Size36 MB
App DownloadMore than 10 crores
Overall Rating4.4 (5 Star)
Download LinkDownload it from here
Referral CommissionRs 100 to Rs 200
Ways to Earn Money10 ways
By making any paymentRs 500 to Rs 700
Withdrawalby making any payment

What is PhonePe App in English

Phone Pe is a mobile app which is completely designed only for online payments, in which along with banking facility, wallet facility is provided with the help of which you can make any online payment from your mobile sitting at home.

Like Mobile Recharge, Mobile Bill, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, DTH Recharge, Money Transfer or Online Shopping, everything can be done from mobile through Phone Pe App and you also get cashback on these payments so that you can withdraw money from Phone Pe. Earn.

This phone pay app is completely based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) which is operated by NPCI, which manages the entire banking system, hence it is considered quite safe and secure for online payment on phone pay.

Apart from UPI payment, the facility of Debit Card/Credit Card, Net Banking and Mobile Wallet has been provided in which you can make any payment through any method.

Here you make any payment like Mobile Recharge, Mobile Bill, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, DTH Recharge, Money Transfer, then you get some cashback after the payment, through which you can save time while earning money because all this work can be done sitting at home. Mobile to phone payment is done via app.

Many people are interested in online shopping, so for them the facility of shopping has been provided where with the help of this PhonePe App, you can also do shopping from big sites like Flipkart, in return you will also get cashback.

How to download app on phone?

Downloading Phone Pe App is very easy, for this you just have to go to your Play Store and search by writing PhonePe, where you will get this app which can be easily installed in your mobile.

But if you download PhonePe from Play Store in this way, you will not get Rs 100, so if you want to get this Rs 100, then you will have to download PhonePe app from the link given by me and that link is this.

When you download Phone Pay from this link and create a Phone Pay account and make the first payment through UPI, you get Rs 100. So let us now know how to create a Phone Pay account.

How to create an account in PhonePe App?

Creating an account in the PhonePe app is very easy but for this you will need some things like bank account, ATM/Debit/Credit Card, mobile number linked to your bank account, and some of your documents (Aadhaar Card/PAN) for KYC on the phone. cards) etc.

So if you have all these necessary things then you can create an account on PhonePe, the process of which will be as follows.

Step 1. First of all, you have to download PhonePe App from the link given by us and install it in your mobile.

Step 2. Now you have to open the app on your phone where you will see the register option, then you have to click on this Register Now option.

Step 3. Now the option to enter mobile number will appear in front of you, so enter your mobile number here which is linked to your bank account and then click on Send OTP.

Step 4. Now an OTP will be sent to your same number, so enter that OTP here and verify it. In this way your mobile number will be verified.

Step 5. Now in the next step you have to set a password, here you can set any password like pattern, passcode, this is for the security of the phone.

By doing this, your Phone Pe account will also be created and you will be logged in to this Phone Pe App, but this is only an account created, it is not ready to make any payment yet, so let us know about it.

How to Add Bank Account in PhonePe App?

Adding a bank account in the PhonePe app is quite simple, the process is as follows.

Step 1. When you login to the app on your phone, you will see an option of Add Bank Account on the home page, on which you have to click.

Step 2. When you click on this Add Bank Account option, a list of all the banks will appear here out of which you have to click on your bank, then click on whichever bank you have an account in.

Step 3. When you click on your bank, it will ask for Valued Mobile Number where you have to select the same number with which you have just created an account.

Step 4. As soon as you select your number, it will verify your bank and will fetch your bank account and add it to the PhonePe app, which means your bank account will be added.

Note – The mobile number you have selected to be verified should have sufficient balance to send SMS because in the verification process, the message is sent from your number. If there is no balance, your bank account will not be added.

How to create UPI PIN on PhonePe App?

To make Upi Pin, ATM/Debit Card is required as I have made you above, so let us know how to make Upi Pin.

Step 1. When your bank account is added, you will see the option of Set UPI Pin, then click on the option of Set UPI Pin.

Step 2. As soon as you do this, you will see the option to enter ATM/Debit Card details. Here you have to enter the 16 digit card number of your ATM/Debit Card, enter Expiry Date and CVV number and click Continue. Click on options.

Step 3. Now you will have the option to create a PIN and an OTP will also come on your number, so here you have to enter the OTP first and below that you can create a PIN which will be of 6 digits.

By doing this your PIN will also be generated, now you can make any payment and earn money from PhonePe.

How to check bank balance through PhonePe app?

Now, to check whether your PIN has been created correctly or not, you will have to check the balance of your bank account, the method of which will be as follows.

Step 1. After creating the PIN, on the same page or after opening PhonePe, you have to come to the Bank Accounts section and click on the Check Balance option.

Step 2. As soon as you click on Check Balance, it will ask you for the UPI PIN, then enter the same UPI PIN here which you had created and click on OK.

Step 3. As soon as you do this, it will show the complete balance of your bank account, meaning your Upi Pin has been created correctly. If any problem arises, then your Upi Pin has not been created correctly and it will have to be created again.

How to complete kyc on PhonePe App?

To complete KYC in PhonePe app, you will need some documents in which you can use Voter ID, Passport, Driving License or Pan Card etc. and to do KYC, you can read this post: How to do Full KYC of PhonePe? Can read in which complete information is given in detail.

Here I will tell you some steps which are as follows.

Step 1. To do Kyc you have to click on your profile photo in PhonePe App.

Step 2. Now the option of Please Compete Your KYC will appear in front of you in the last part of the profile page, in which you have to click on Verify.

Step 3. Now you have to enter the details of the documents and enter some information about yourself after which you can complete your KYC.

How to earn money from PhonePe App

From Phonepe, you can earn money through cashback, in which you get cashback ranging from ₹ 10 to ₹ 50 on mobile recharge, money transfer, bill payment, and you can earn ₹ 200 per referral commission by referring Phonepe.

So now let us know about all these methods in some detail, how much money you can earn on PhonePe and how you can earn it.

1. First UPI Transaction

As I have told you, when you will download PhonePe App from my link and after completing the entire process of creating an account, make the first payment through UPI, then you will immediately get Rs 100 in your PhonePe Wallet.

But you cannot “Withdraw” this money in your bank account. You can use it anywhere in your phone, whether you recharge your mobile or do any shopping. In this way, you can use this money but cannot withdraw it. Can do it.

2. By referring to the PhonePe App

This method can be a little suitable for you in PhonePe in which you invite your friends or relatives through PhonePe and they invite them through your referral link. What is this PhonePe app? If you download and create an account on this phone and make any payment, you will get a referral commission of Rs 100, which can be the best option.

PhonePe App
PhonePe App

But there are many conditions to use the referral program like – Your friend will have to download the Phone Pe App through your referral link, his first payment will have to be made from Bhim Upi, then by fulfilling these conditions you can earn Rs 100 per referral.

3. By Cashback

In PhonePe, you get cashback on many types of payments, but you cannot earn unlimited money from it because if you get cashback in some payment, you will not get it in any other. Here, cashback on every payment has already been fixed, whose term and condition is Which is also limited to some payments.

  • On mobile recharge
  • On electricity bill payment
  • on booking tickets
  • On recharging DTH
  • On credit card payment
  • On transferring money
  • Buying Gold from PhonePe App

All these will have different terms and conditions in which in any payment, cashback will be available only on the first payment and not on the second one, there may be some amount condition like Rs 2-4 cashback on payment of Rs 100, apart from this there are many conditions as well. Which you will get to see only in the offers because their conditions also change every day. Let us know about it in some detail.

How to Earn Money from Google Web Story

4. Mobile Recharge

You can get cashback by recharging any mobile in Phone Pe App. For this you just have to recharge any of your mobile number (Airtel, Vi, Jio BSNL) through Phone Pe, after which you will get cashback ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 1, 2. Cashback money is received.

But before recharging any mobile through Phone Pe App, you have to see what is the offer on mobile recharge in Phone Pe App and how much cashback is being given on recharge of how many rupees. Recharge only when you are getting cashback offer, otherwise do not pay on phone. There is also a charge of Rs 2 for recharging the mobile, so please keep this in mind.

5. Electricity Bill Payment

When you make a bill payment for the first time in PhonePe, you will get good cashback here in which you can get at least Rs 30 to Rs 100, depending on the amount of bill you are paying, you will get cashback accordingly.

But when you make the second or third bill payment, you will get a little less cashback which is also mentioned in the offer, so check the best offer and then make your payment and you can earn from phone pay.

6. By booking tickets

Even after booking a ticket, you get cash back in the App on your phone. From here you can book train tickets, plane tickets, bus tickets etc. where you get Rs 50 to Rs 100 on each ticket booked, as much as you spend. You will book tickets and you will get cashback accordingly.

7. Recharge of DTH

It does not take any charge on the phone on DTH recharge but also gives you cash back. Here you will not get much cashback, still you can get cashback ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 30 in which you can recharge any DTH.

8. Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment is just a bill payment from where you take money and use that money and later you have to pay that money. When you make such payment through the Phone Pe App, here you also get cash back like Phone Pe App. You get it which can be up to Rs 100, depending on how much you are paying the credit card bill.

9. Money Transfer

The thing for which Phone Pe App is famous is Money Transfer. Here you can transfer money to anyone through a QR Code, Bank Account Number, UPI ID, Mobile Number, etc., and on all money transfers the amount ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 100. can earn.

10. By buying gold

You do not get any cashback on buying gold through PhonePe, rather along with buying that gold, you get some extra gold which you can consider as cashback only which is deposited in your gold account.

People buy gold to earn money by investing. If you buy gold through PhonePe, you can get cashback on the gold and later you can earn money by selling this gold.

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Conclusion – How to Earn Money from PhonePe App

So friends, this was some information about PhonePe App, in which you learned what is PhonePe App and how to earn money through Refer And Earn in PhonePe and how to earn cashback from PhonePe by making any payment.

I hope this information on How to earn money from PhonePe App would have been helpful for you and you might have liked it, maybe many people might not like it because I have written some facts about PhonePe which are based on my usage. It is written on.

Still, I hope that you will agree with me and share it with your friends on Facebook and other social media and definitely write your opinion about this post in the comments.


How to earn money from PhonePe

Most of the money is earned from PhonePe through cashback. When you make any payment, you get cashback. Also you can earn money by referring from PhonePe app, in which you get Rs 100 to Rs 200 for referral.

How much money can be earned from PhonePe App?

PhonePe App is not a money earning app, this app is made only for making payments, from which you cannot earn lakhs of rupees, you can earn some cashback by just making your necessary payments.

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