How to Earn Money from RCM Business 2023 – Lakhs per Month

If you are thinking of joining a company and earning money directly on their products, then you can study the RCM business plan and how to earn money from RCM business along with complete information about the RCM company. Is.

There are many companies in India which are doing direct selling business, and RCM is a very famous direct selling company, which has many people involved and running its business.

In this article we will only explain how to join RCM Business and give detailed information about RCM Business. If you are also thinking of joining it or want to know about it, then please complete our article.

In this we have given clear information about RCM Business Plan, in which it has also been told how you can earn good money by joining it, so friends, without any delay, start any article as soon as possible.

How to Earn Money from RCM Business

To earn money in RCM company, there are two main sources of your income. The first source is from customers, and the second source is from those people who have encouraged you to join this company. Money can be earned from RCM in two ways

How to Earn Money from RCM Business 2023 – Lakhs per Month
How to Earn Money from RCM Business 2023 – Lakhs per Month

First method: After becoming a member of RCM, you have to buy the products of this company at a cheaper price and sell them to the customers at the principal price, which brings your profit. The more products you sell, the more your profit increases.

Second way: The second source of your earning in RCM is the new people you connect with. After joining this company, you have to encourage other people to join this company as well, and in this way you can build a team.

The more people join your team, the more profit you get because the team members also involve other people in this company, and you also get something from the products they sell. In this way, a network is formed. It is from which everyone benefits.

Bonus in RCM Company

There are three major sources of income in RCM company – Performance Bonus, Technical Bonus and Royalty Bonus. These three sources provide an opportunity to earn income to those who do business in RCM.

1. Performance Bonus

Performance Bonus is also called “Shortcut BV” in RCM. This bonus is based on your personal performance. This is achieved on the basis of BV Points and Group BV you have created.

You get this bonus on the purchases of products made by your team members in RCM. There are different conditions for each product, like 10,000 BV gives a profit of 12%, while 20,000 BV gives a profit of 14%. This way, depending on your individual performance and the amount of BV Points you earn, you get a performance bonus, which can be up to a maximum of 32% of your earnings.

2. Technical Bonus

Receipt of technical bonus in RCM company depends on activity and business volume. If you make more than 4% of the trading volume in this company, you are provided with a technical bonus. This bonus is provided by the company and takes into consideration the growth of your business. Apart from individual performance, technical bonus also measures the level of your trading and boosts the quality of your business.

3. Royalties Bonus

Royalty Bonus is another important income source available in the RCM company. This can be achieved if you generate more than 8% of your trading volume.

To receive Royalty Bonus, you have to create more volume in your business, due to which your business gets recognized as a company of excellence. As a result, you receive a royalty bonus on that volume, which promotes the quality and excellence of your trading.

These three income sources in an RCM company depend on individual performance, business volume, and ways of working with association members. It provides an opportunity in which your hard work and business acumen are rewarded, and you can steer your business towards success.

It is important to understand these three sources of income in an RCM company as they result from individual and collective performance and can lead a trader’s life towards success.

Bonus depending on Business Volume

Typically, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies provide different types of bonuses to their members based on the business volume they generate.

In the following table, you are given information about the different types of bonuses provided by RCM Company on the basis of Business Volume (BV)

RCM Business
RCM Business
Business VolumeBV percentage
5,000 BV5%
10,000 BV12%
20,000 BV14%
40,000 BV16.5%
70,000 BV19%
1,15,000 BV21.5%
1,70,000 BV24%
2,60,000 BV26.5%
3,50,000 BV29%
3,50,000 और उससे ऊपर32%

In this way, RCM company provides different types of bonuses to its members according to their business volume, thereby encouraging the members to expand their business.

How to do RCM business?

You can move to join RCM Business in the following ways:

  • Collaborate with an RCM Direct Seller: To join the RCM Business, first of all you can collaborate with an RCM Direct Seller. This means that you need a reference from a person who is already working in this business. They will give you information about the business and help you get started.
  • Apply on RCM website: To join RCM business, you have to go to the company website and fill the application form. While filling the form you will also have to submit the required documents.

To start RCM Business, you have to choose one of these two options. If you are working with a direct seller of an RCM Business, you can have more confidence and cooperation under their guidance. Alternatively, you can apply online by visiting the official website of RCM along with the coronation documents.

Note that the terms and conditions required for RCM Business may change depending on years of experience, so check the company’s official website for the quickest information. Think carefully and take the decision to get involved in RCM business in a careful and qualified manner.

Documents to be included in RCM Business Plan

To do RCM Business you have to complete the process of submitting required documents. The process is completed by submitting the following documents:

  1. Your Photo: A copy of your photo attached to the name of your business is required. This photo is used for personal and identification purposes and forms part of your business’s identity.
  2. Certificate of your bank account: If you are applying for RCM Business, you must submit certificate of your bank account. This certificate clearly certifies your business transactions and ensures the simplicity of financial transactions.
  • Original Scan Copy of Identity Card: The original scan copy of your identity card must also be submitted. This is necessary to verify your identity and ensure the validity of your business.
  • ID proof certificate or address certificate: Additionally, you must have either an ID proof certificate (like PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport) or address certificate (like electricity bill, water bill, Aadhaar card) . This certificate is required for verification of your identity and address.

If you complete the application process by collecting these documents and submitting them through the online form, you can join the RCM business. This document helps in understanding the identity and financial relationship of your RCM business and ensures the financial security of your RCM business.

Conclusion – How to Earn Money from RCM Business

Hopefully, you would have liked the information given by us about earning from RCM business in this article. If you have any doubt in this article, or want to get information on any other topic, please comment.

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How much money can one earn from RCM Business?

Your earnings in RCM Business will depend on your hard work, network, and business skills. You can earn from a few thousand rupees to lakhs of rupees daily by selling products. However, this business comes with many challenges, such as marketing, networking and product knowledge etc. With your hard work, dedication, and expertise, you can earn well from this business, but there is no certainty of earning.

What is BV Value in RCM?

This is the value at which Business Import is calculated, and it can be found by visiting the official website of the company. The BV value of the product may be equal to or different from the marketing price declared by the company from time to time.

How many products are available in RCM company?

RCM company has more than 120 products of various product varieties available.

How to earn money from RCM company?

The main way of earning from RCM company is to sell their products at high prices. You can make profits by purchasing great products from RCM at low prices, sharing them with your contacts and customers along with your team. Also, by including new people in your team, you get an opportunity to make them a part of RCM Business, due to which you also get income from their work. This is a good way by which you can improve your financial condition and earn more profits.

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