Aria of the Rain Poem in English

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Aria of the Rain Poem in English
Aria of the Rain Poem in English

Aria of the Rain Poem

Beneath the canopy of the night, a gentle refrain,
Nature’s orchestra begins, an aria of the rain.
Melodies cascade from the velvet sky,
A dance of droplets, a lullaby.

The pitter-patter on leaves, a rhythmic tune,
A serenade of silver under the glowing moon.
Whispers of the rain, a liquid grace,
Softly painting the world, in every trace.

Each drop a note, a symphony’s embrace,
A liquid ballet, a celestial space.
Roof and window, a percussion so sweet,
A harmonious echo, a rhythmic heartbeat.

On rooftops and pavements, the raindrops play,
A nocturnal sonata, in shades of gray.
Tapping on windows, a gentle plea,
Aria of the rain, a symphony free.

In the quietude of night, the raindrops sing,
A soothing cadence, a comforting zing.
A lullaby for earth, a whispered tale,
A moment of magic, in the moonlight’s pale.

As the rain subsides, the melody wanes,
Leaving behind echoes, on windowpanes.
An aria of the rain, in memories to remain,
Nature’s lullaby, a celestial refrain.

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