How to Earn Money From Money 2023 (15 ways to earn money from money)

Many of you must have heard about How to Earn Money From Money, that is why in today’s post we will tell you some such ways (how to earn money from money) by which you can double-triple your money. By multiplying that money, you can make more money.

Today, all the rich people in the world have become rich not only because they earn more money, but they also know the skill of how to make money from money, through which they earn money from their own money, whether they do business or investment, but their The focus is on multiplying the money and how to get more money from that money.

In today’s time, more than earning money, it is more important to use that money properly because if you save some of the money you earn and do some investment or business, then you can get very good income from here also which will help you in future. No need to work.

Actually, 70% people have learned how to earn money and save money sitting at home, whether the person earning less money saves less money or the person earning more money saves more money, but here saving money is not bravery, it is investing that money in the right place. It is also necessary so that that money can give you some good returns in the future.

So in today’s post, we are going to know that if you have some money then how to make money from that money by using it properly, then for this you should read this post completely, only then you will know about How to make money from money. If we can understand better then let us know about it.

What is Earning Money From Money?

You must have heard of many ways of earning money, whether it is about earning money online or about earning money offline, here you will find lakhs and crores of ways to earn money where you do some work and for doing that work you get some money. Yes, you get salary.

How to Earn Money From Money 2023 (15 ways to earn money from money)
How to Earn Money From Money 2023 (15 ways to earn money from money)

But there is a way of earning money from money where you do not have to do any job or work for anyone but you have to invest your money somewhere, from where that money itself helps you earn more money, which we call money from money. Called earning.

For example, if you have some money, then you keep that money in the bank. Here the bank gives you interest on keeping the money, which means it is your earning in a way where you are not doing any work, your money. It is working for you and you earn money with money.

This is just an example of earning money from bank money because there are many ways to earn money from money, where in some ways you will get less money and in other ways you will get a lot of money, but it has different conditions which you should not take into account. Let us decide where to invest your money and how much you want to earn.

Here investment is not the only way to earn money from money, here you can also do any business in some are online business and some are online businesses that give you the ability to double-triple your money, this is what we call earning money from money. .

So till now you must have been clear about what is earning money from money, so let us now know the ways of earning money from money, where and how you can invest your money, and how you can earn money from that money.

Ways to earn money from money in English

Ways to earn money from moneyHow much can one earn
By investing in the share market20 to 25% return
By investing in mutual funds15 to 18% returns
Investing in mutual fundsReturns of around 25%
Investing in gold10 to 15% return
By Affiliate Marketing1% to 200% commission
By Money Lending12 to 14% returns
By doing some businessUnlimited Money
CMT App 57 Days Double MoneyMoney will double in 57 days
By CricketChances of winning up to Rs 2 crore
Through YouTube or blog/websiteUnlimited Money
By investing in the bank3% to 10% returns

How To Make Money With Money

The methods that we will tell you in this post are 100% real and are being used by lakhs and crores of people but in this post, we will cover only the methods of earning money online if you demand, we will also tell you some offline methods.

For which we will soon give you another post or I will add offline methods in this post as per the need. For now, you should know the online methods only, which is much easier to do than offline.


Please note – We do not advise you to invest your money through this post because it involves financial risk, so before investing here, consult your financier advisor and invest money wisely.

By investing in the stock market

This method is a very good way to earn money from money in which you get the highest return, but by investing money here, you have the risk of loss along with profit because the return you get here depends on the ups and downs of the share market. (Up-Down) is available.

Investing in the share market means earning money by trading, where you buy stock by investing your money in share marketing, and when the price of that stock increases, you earn profit by selling it.

Here the fall or rise in the stock price is based on the up-down of stock marketing. For example, suppose you buy a stock worth Rs 1000 from the stock market today. After that, there is a rise in stock marketing, then the price of your stock increases. And yours will be Rs 1000(1000+).

But at the same time, if share marketing does not increase but goes down further, then the price of your stock will also reduce and your money will become Rs 1000 (1000 -). Now here, how much your money will increase or decrease is up to the market. The extent to which the market will decrease – As it increases, your money will also increase or decrease accordingly.

Today, crores of people are investing their money in this share market and are also earning good money from here, but investing money here is safe only for those people who understand the share market well and have information about it.

Therefore, my advice would be that if you have knowledge of the stock market then you can invest your money here but if you do not have any knowledge about it then you should not invest your money here otherwise instead of profit you may also incur loss.

By the way, investing in share marketing is quite easy these days, which you can do online sitting at home, for which you will find many apps on the internet like Upstox App, Groww App, Paytm Money, etc.

3. By investing in mutual funds

In today’s time, a Mutual Fund is also a better way to earn money by investing your money. This scheme is almost similar to the Stock Market but here you do not have to buy or sell any stock, here you invest the money directly. Is.

This is a type of SIP where you deposit a fixed amount which can be deposited once or every month, year or daily, and for as long as you want (10 – 20 years).

Here also you get returns according to the ups and downs of the market which goes from 15 to 25, 30% but here also there is a risk that the market can go down, which means there is a possibility of loss along with profit.

If you do not know about the Stock Market, then it is better to invest in Mutual Funds than investing in Stocks. It is considered a little safer than Stocks because to date all the people who have invested in Mutual Funds in the long term have got the same benefit. It happened and good money was earned.

But here too, before investing, you should get some information about Mutual Funds and invest only after knowing about some good Mutual Fund companies, only then you will get better benefits.

If we talk about ways to invest in Mutual Funds, there are many apps available on the internet for this, among which Upstox App, Angle One, Groww App, and Paytm Money App are quite famous.

4. By buying cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is also a better option to earn money in today’s time where you invest your money to buy Cryptocurrency and when the value of that Cryptocurrency increases then you earn money by selling it.

Well, for your information, till now the Government of India has not recognized Cryptocurrency and has not accepted Cryptocurrency as an asset, but still today lakhs of people are investing in Crypto and are also making good money from here.

Cryptocurrency started in Japan in 2009 it was created by an engineer Santoshi Nakamoto and named it Bitcoin. Initially, this currency did not become so popular but gradually its price increased significantly.

In today’s time, many people are investing in it, including some big names and rich people of the world like Elon Musk are also investing money in Cryptocurrency and are earning a good amount of money from here.

To invest in this Cryptocurrency, there are some popular apps like CoinSwitch Kuber App, etc. available on the internet, which you can easily download from Play Store and install on your mobile by creating an account here you can invest in Cryptocurrency.

5. By investing in gold

You all must know about gold i.e. gold. Here you get a better option to earn money by investing here, where you buy gold and keep it with you, and when the price of gold increases, then you sell it and earn money. Earning.

You can invest in gold both online and offline, for which you can use Siply App and Paytm. Here you can buy any gold easily, hold it, and sell it whenever you want. They can get gold online at home too.

Here gold is the best and safest investment and you do not need to be afraid of even 1% of this investment because the price of gold often increases with time and the chances of it decreasing are absolutely zero, so here you can invest without risk. Can do and make money from money.

6. Through Money Lending

Perhaps very few people know the name of Money Lending, but almost everyone knows about the loan, both of them are a better option for earning money where you do not need to think too much.

What actually works in Money Lending is that you have to give your money on loan to other people where you will get the best interest and you can do this work online where neither you have to go to give money to anyone nor you have to go to take money.

For this, there are many platforms available on the internet, which we call P2P Lending, where you just have to create an account and give loan to people, then take the entire money with interest. Here, this platform does all the work, where your money is transferred. Takes full guarantee, you can rest assuredly give loans to people and earn money from them.

7. By doing some business

How to earn money from money: Business is considered to be the best way in which you can earn crores and billions of rupees even by investing very little money. Here you have to invest money once and then you can expand your business as much as you want according to time. Can increase and can earn crores or more.

Whether you start a small business or a big business, depending on the type of business, you will have to invest money in the beginning, then after earning money from that business, you can expand that business as much as you want.

For example, if you start a small business on a handcart, then this business will start with Rs 1000 to 20000, but if you start a big business, it will cost more money. You can make both small and big businesses as big as you want. Business will take a little longer

Here I have given an example of a handcart, but there are lakhs and crores of businesses in the world which you can start as per your choice and your budget and by investing some money in all these businesses, you can earn very good money.

8. Through Cricket

If you are interested in cricket then you can earn money through cricket also, for which you get not one but many ways in which you can earn money by organizing cricket matches, earning money by making a cricket app, and also earning crores by betting in cricket. Is

For example, if you organize small and big matches in the village, then you will have to start the match by investing money. When the teams come to play the match, you can earn by taking entry fees. Here, the number of teams will participate and whatever will be earned from the entry fees. You can spend 70% on conducting matches and giving rewards to the winners and can earn the remaining 30%.

Or you can create your own Cricket App and launch it on Play Store like Dream11 or MPL App. If you do not know how to make such an App, then you can invest some money and get such a Cricket App made by an App developer and launch it on the Play Store. Can make money

If you do not want to do this, then there are thousands of cricket-earning apps like Dream11 or MPL App which you can use to bet in cricket and win up to crores of rupees, more information about which you can get from this post-IPL. How to earn money can be read in

9. Through YouTube or blog/website

In today’s time, the best way to earn money online is YouTube or blog/website in which you can earn money for free or you can also earn money by investing money. Free money is earned by those people who know how to earn money here. And by investing money, those people earn it who get the same work done by paying them to others.

In this way you can earn crores of rupees, but for this you will have to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos there. Then you can earn money from YouTube in many ways, but creating a channel and making videos is not within the reach of everyone. You can get this work done by someone else by paying money

Similarly, to earn money from a blog/website, one has to create a blog website and upload content on it, which many people get done by others by paying money. Today, all the bloggers or YouTubers on the internet have created a team for their own blog or YouTube. They retain employees to whom they pay salaries or employ them as freelancers.

Similarly, by investing some money, you can also get all this work done by others, whether you know how to do this kind of work or not, by forming a team, you can take the work from them for which you will have to pay money, then you can earn crores through YouTube blog. Can Earn

10. By creating apps

Like YouTube and Blog, you can earn money by creating a mobile app because some money is invested in making a mobile app and it also costs money in marketing the app, but when you start earning money from that app, you can earn in crores. could

Although you can make a mobile app for free, to make a good app, you will have to hire someone who has complete knowledge of making it, who will make your mobile app for Rs 10 to 20 thousand and will also publish it on Play. Store.

Now you will have to invest some money in marketing the app and make your app popular. When lakhs of people start using your app, then you can earn lakhs from it. It depends on what kind of app you make and the way to earn in it. How many modes are available

11. By investing in Domain & Hosting

Nowadays, blogging is quite popular due to which people earn lakhs and crores of rupees. In such a situation, if you buy some hosting and domain and keep it with you, then you can earn money by selling it for more money.

Today the price of a domain name is, if you have bought a domain that is needed by a big company, then you can sell that domain to that company for lakhs of rupees or if you have created a blog on the domain, then the price of that domain will increase. increases even more

Similarly, there are many such hostings in hosting which provide the facility to create 100 blogs in one hosting, where you can sell this hosting to a new blogger. The cost of buying one hosting is Rs 3000 to Rs 5000. If you sell the same hosting to 100 people at Rs 500, If you sell it in rupees also then you can earn 500×100=50000 rupees.

12. By investing in theme

Nowadays, a lot of bloggers and YouTubers are selling themes on the internet, that provide WordPress popular themes like Generatepress for Rs 500 or less, the price of which is $249 (about Rs 20500) on the internet.

Once you buy this Generatepress theme for Rs 20500, you can use it on 500 blog websites, hence people buy this theme and sell it for Rs 500 each. If you multiply Rs 500 by 500 people, it means 500×500 = Rs 250000. There is a profit of Rs 230000 in this work.

You can also do it in the same way and not only on Generatepress, you can also do other themes in the same way, you just have to invest 20 to 30 thousand rupees once from which you can get a profit of lakhs of rupees, and you just have to work hard to sell the theme.

13. Buy And Rent

This is a kind of business in which you buy some things and give them on rent to people, whether it is a house, a car, or any other small things that people take on rent, all you have to do is buy such things and put them on rent. give from which you can earn good money

For example, many people give land on rent for which annual charges are collected, they give house on rent and take monthly rent, similarly, there are many things that people will take on rent, you just have to buy such things which you will have to pay according to the goods. have to invest money

If you buy a house and give it on rent, then there will be an investment of lakhs of rupees, but here you will get monthly rent and the price of the land and house will also increase after some time, which will benefit you from both sides.

14. Osmose Technology

Osmose Technology is a network marketing company in which you can earn Rs 20 per day for a lifetime by investing Rs 1200 once, for which there is no hassle, just invest Rs 1200 once and get Rs 20 per day for a lifetime.

For this, you have to use the Pickflix mobile app of Osmose Technology company for 2 minutes daily, for which you will get Rs 20 daily, which is Rs 365×20 = Rs 7300 in 365 years if you take this plan at the age of 20 and 50 Even if you get Rs 20 in a year, you will get 7300×50 = Rs 365000 on an investment of only Rs 1200.

For this, you will have to go to the website of Osmos Technology and invest Rs 1200 and use Pickflix App for two minutes daily, from which you will get Rs 20 daily for lifetime.

15. By investing in the bank

If you have money, then there are many schemes running in the banks too, where you can earn money by investing your money, you just have to know about the schemes of these banks and invest some money there, so that you can get very good returns. Will get it.

If we talk about a bank savings account, you get 3 to 6% interest for keeping or depositing money here, but if you keep the same money at home, you will not get any interest. This is the first advantage of investing in a bank.

But this interest is also not for the people who want to get rich quickly because even with this interest you cannot become rich if today’s expensive rate goes to 6%, you are earning only 3 to 6% on the savings account, then you will be losing money. Not earning but losing.

But there are other schemes in the bank where you can get interest up to 7% like RD FD, both these schemes are different but the interest is almost equal which can be available from 7% to 8% in some banks.

In FD, you can deposit a fixed amount once, where you get up to 7% interest on that amount, which can be done for 7 days to 10 years, here the interest may increase or decrease depending on the day.

But in RD, you can deposit money regularly, you can deposit it in 10 days, month, or a year, here the amount is fixed, you can choose any amount, but here you do not have to deposit all the money at once.

You can also do this RD for one year to ten years, after ten years you will get the full amount along with interest, you can get more information about how to earn money by investing in YouTube where Sandeep Maheshwari has given this video. I have explained it in detail.

Conclusion – Ways to earn money from money

This was special information about ways to earn money from money, where you learned about how to make money from money by investing your money in Mutual Funds, Stock Markets, Investing in Bank, Money Lending, Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrency, etc.

I hope this information will be been useful for you so that if you have any unused money then you can earn money by investing that money anywhere. How did you like this information on how to make money from money? Please do tell by writing in the comment.

Also, share this post with your friends and relatives on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. so that more people can read this post and get information about it. Thanks.


How can one earn the most money?

There cannot be any one exact answer to this question because there are many ways to earn money in which unlimited money can be earned, but investment is also a good option in which the most money can be earned.

How to earn money online?

1. Earn money by blogging
2. Earn money from YouTube
3. Earn money by doing affiliate marketing
4. Earn money by selling a product
5. Earn money by referral
6. Earn money by content writing
7. Earn money on a freelancing site
8. Earn money from URL shortener website
9. Earn money by downloading money earning app
10. Earn money by doing surveys

How to earn more money in less time?

For this, you have only one option, Share Market, where you can earn more money tomorrow itself by investing money or you can also read this post on how to earn more money in less time.

How to become rich quickly?

The right way to become rich quickly is to earn more and more money and invest it in the right place so that you can earn more money from the money and become rich quickly.

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