How to Earn Money from Google Web Story 2023 – 10 Best Ways

At present, Google Web Stories Se Paise Kaise Kamaye is a very popular trend and almost all the bloggers are working on it. It is a product of Google whose objective is to make the information of a website reach as many people as possible.

But do you know how to earn money from Google Web Stories? If not, then you should read this post completely because in this article I am going to tell you in detail what Google Web Stories is and you How to earn income through this?

So friends, without any further delay, let’s start the article as soon as possible.

What is Google Web Story?

Google Web Stories is a tool that Google has recently launched, which can be used to create personalized visual stories. Through this, any person can easily prepare Visual Stories. You must have noticed that as soon as you open the Google app, some stories appear below, which we know as Google Web Stories.

How to Earn Money from Google Web Story 2023 – 10 Best Ways
How to Earn Money from Google Web Story 2023 – 10 Best Ways

Its function is similar to that of Instagram Story. The only difference here is that the visitors coming to Google Web Stories are alive, whereas the traffic coming from Instagram is called Social Traffic. If you are a blogger then you must be well aware of the difference between Organic Traffic and Social Traffic.

It is true that Google introduced this feature earlier, but only recently since few months bloggers have been using it to get huge immediate benefits and get more traffic to their blogs.

Apart from this, you can also earn good money from Google Web Stories, but for this you need proper information, which I am going to share with you.

As I mentioned earlier, Google Web Stories is similar to Instagram Stories in function. You can use it to create Visual Stories by putting together photos and text, and then include links to a blog, YouTube channel, products, etc. This gives you Perseverance in the form of Google Web Stories.

How to create Google Web Story?
How to create Google Web Story?

How to create Google Web Story?

Google Web Stories is a great way for WordPress users to create trendy and attractive web stories as an alternative. Through this, you can present your stories and content in a new and interesting way, thereby attracting your readers’ attention. Here we will tell you how you can create Google Web Stories through WordPress:

Step 1: Go to Login and Plugins section

First of all you have to login to the WordPress Admin Panel. After which you will have to go to the section of “Plugins”.

Step 2: Select Plugins

After reaching the “Plugins” section, you will see two plugins named “Google Web Stories” and “Make Stories”. You have to choose one of these according to your needs and desires.

Step 3: Activate Plugins

After selecting your favorite plugins, you need to activate it. Usually, this is in the form of an “Activate” or “Activate Plugins” button.

Step 4: Go to Dashboard for Stories

After activating the plugin, you will get the option to go to your Dashboard. There you will get information about your project’s progress and arrangements.

Step 5: Create a new story

In your Dashboard, you will see the option to “Create a New Story.” You have to click on it and after that you will get different options to create the story. Here you can design as per your thoughts and make your story attractive.

Step 6: Publish

When your story is ready, you will need to click on the “Publish” button. This will publish your story to your website, and your readers will be able to see it.

Step 7: Submit Sitemap

If you are using Rank Math Plugins, you will get a link to the story’s Sitemap. Copy this Sitemap and submit it into your Google Search Console. With this, Google will be able to index your story and make it reach more readers.

In this way, it is very simple to create Google Web Stories through WordPress. You can create engaging stories using options designed to suit your needs that will grab your readers’ attention. Additionally, submitting a Sitemap to have your stories indexed by Google will increase your story’s reach globally.

Using this special technique, you can enjoy creating Google Web Stories with WordPress website and present content to your readers in new and interesting ways.

If you too are getting traffic from Google Web Stories, please share your experiences with us. It may be important and useful to our other readers.

What should happen to earn money from Google Web Story?

To earn money through Google Web Stories the following things are required:

  • Having a Hosted WordPress Website: You must have a Hosted WordPress Website, from which you can create Web Stories using Web Stories Plugin. This plugin helps to create and publish Web Story.
  • Blog Website: You should have a blog website on which you can publish your Web Stories. Through this website, you can convey your ideas and content to the people and this can also increase the popularity of your Web Stories.
  • AdSense Approval: You must have the approval of Google AdSense so that you can show advertisements on your website and earn income. Getting Google AdSense approval also gives your website a chance to appear in Search, which boosts your reach.

Along with all these things, you need creativity, good content, and good ideas so that your Web Stories can become attractive among the people and give you a chance to earn more.

How to earn money from Google Web Stories

There are many ways to earn money from Google Web Story including Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Refer And Earn, Product Selling, URL Shortener, selling courses and even by selling your Web Story you can earn Rs 1000 to 5000 daily.

So let us know in detail about these methods, what you have to do for this and how much money you can earn from it.

Ways to earn money from Google Web StoryMonthly earnings
Through Google AdsenseRs 1 to Rs 5 lakh
Driving traffic to the blogRs 3 to 6 Lakh
By Affiliate MarketingRs 2 to 5 Lakh
By selling coursesRs. 40 to 80 thousand
By selling the productRs. 1 to 2 Lakh
With sponsorshipRs. 70 to 80 thousand
By Refer And EarnRs. 20 to 30 thousand
Through URL ShortenerRs. 10 to 12 thousand
By selling your web storyRs. 50 to 60 thousand
Via social mediaRs 3 to 7 Lakh

1. Earn money through Google Adsense

One important way to make money through Google Web Stories is by using AdSense. AdSense is an advertising program that is managed by Google and provides you the opportunity to provide advertisements in your Web Stories.

When AdSense ads appear in your Web Stories, you earn income whenever a reader clicks on the advertisement or completes a specific action.

For this, first of all you will have to create an account on Google AdSense and from there create Ad Units for Web Stories. Ad Units come in a variety of sizes and designs, allowing you to vary how you structure your Stories. Adsense advertisements will be displayed organically in your stories and your readers will be more likely to click on the advertisement of interest.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep the quality and content of your stories attractive so that your readers find them engaging and are encouraged to click on the ads. It is important to have patience and faith in earning money from Google Web Stories through Adsense.

2. Earn money from blog with the help of web stories

Using Web Stories is one possible way to make money from your blog and this can be done in a number of ways. This gives you the opportunity for new and interesting ways to deliver your ideas and content to more readers.

The first method is to use Web Stories to promote your blog posts. Your Web Stories should be decorated with attractive images and interesting stories in less words, which will attract the attention of readers. You can also include links to your blog posts in your Stories, which will direct readers to your blog. Moreover, you can also add a short link at the end of the Web Stories to get more information about the blog post.

Another way is to provide expert advice or professional services via Web Stories. You can create Web Stories by showcasing your expertise related to the topic of your blog. After this, you can provide your readers with information about your advice or services, which will make them trust you and encourage them to use your services.

With these methods, you can make money from your blog using Web Stories. This can be a new and safe way to increase exclusivity in your niche and connect more with your readers.

3. Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

Google Web Stories is an innovative digital storytelling medium that can be used to create unique and engaging stories and share them across the Web. If you have the aim of making your Google Web Stories a source of income, then Affiliate Marketing can be a major way that you can make money.

In Affiliate Marketing, you need to share the unique affiliate links of other companies or individuals to promote their products or services. Whenever someone buys those products through the link you shared, you get commission on that product sold. You can also apply this to Google Web Stories.

By adding affiliate links as subtitles to your Google Web Stories, you can provide your audience with information about products or services and encourage them to purchase using those links. What is important here is the quality and caution of your stories, so that your audience trusts your recommendations and buys the products.

Publicly speaking, Google Web Stories can help you achieve your financial goals through affiliate marketing, as well as be a new way to boost your creativity. Note that hard work and excellence are vital to achieving success.

4. Earn money by selling courses

Nowadays, the method of earning money by selling courses online is proving beneficial for many people. If you have also prepared your own course, but your earnings are less than expected, then by using Google Web Story you can earn good income by selling your course.

For selling courses, you will have to create a blog or website in which you can provide detailed information about your course. Then you will have to share the link of that website in your Google Web Story. This means that when people view your Web Story, they will be able to get information about the course you created and if they are interested, they can purchase it. In exchange, you will get commission on the sale of the course.

This technique works like a type of Affiliate Marketing, in which you get commission for selling other products. Apart from this, you can also use video for promotion of your course. If you have the ability to create good videos, you can promote your course by sharing them on social media platforms.

This idea can be a good way to increase the sales of your individual courses. You just need to make sure that your product promotion is not just flashy but also humane and useful so that people feel comfortable buying it.

5. Earn money by selling products

If you make a web story about a product, then you can earn good money by selling that product because nowadays many people buy products online, if your product is good then it will sell more and you can earn more money.

The problem of many people is that they do not have any product, so you can buy any product from anywhere and sell it for more money, just Web Story will be the medium to sell the product, otherwise you will earn more money as much product as you can sell. could

For this, you can also join some reselling business app or website where there is no need to buy any product, you just have to put the link of the product and decide its price as per your own, you can easily earn Rs 10 on a product worth Rs 100.

6. Earn money from sponsorship

If you create a good web story, then you can get very good traffic from Google in lakhs and crores, due to which you can get a lot of sponsorship, through which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month from web stories by taking sponsorship.

In today’s time, everyone wants to grow their business or service, for which they promote it by sponsoring any blogger or YouTube, for which they also pay very good money.

If you get good traffic from web story then you can get daily sponsorship where you can post sponsorship or publish link by charging according to the traffic and earn from $100 to $1000 per sponsorship.

For this you do not need to do anything, people themselves will give you sponsorship by doing content, but for this you will have to bring traffic, just create a good web story, work continuously and try to bring traffic.

7. Earn money from Refer And Earn

If you create a web story about a refer and earn website or app, then you can earn a lot by making referrals from that website or app. For this, you just have to join some good refer and earn apps or websites and get its referral link. Must be included in your web story

For example, if you join Upstox, Paytm, etc. then you get Rs. 100 to 500 on each referral. Some referral commission is also given for life time. You just have to tell about it in your web story and give this information and last. Referral link or code to be provided in

So that the viewers of the web story can join those websites or apps by clicking on this link or through the referral code, from which you can earn referrals. If you are able to do this, then you can definitely earn Rs 500 to 1000 or more per day by referral from a reliable web story. can earn more also

8. Earn money from URL Shortener

URL Shortener is also a good way to earn money from web stories, for which you just have to join the URL Shortener website and shorten some URLs and put them in your web story, so that people will click on this link, for which you will get money.

Because URL Shortener website works to shorten a URL and also places some ads in the shortened URL, due to which when anyone clicks on this link, he sees 10 seconds of ads and you get money for showing these ads.

All you have to do for this is that you have to create a web story about a URL Shortener website and shorten any URL and put it in that web story. Now the more clicks there are on this link, the more money you can earn.

Which ranges from $0.5 to $0.10 per click. Also, you can earn 10% commission for life time by referring URL Shortener website.

9. Earn money by selling your web story

If you are able to create a good web story, it can also be sold, in which you get Rs 100 to Rs 500 for one web story. In this way, you can earn Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per day by creating 10 web stories.

Today there are many bloggers who do not know how to create a web story. They buy such web stories by paying money and publish them on their blog. All you have to do is create a web story and sell it, which will earn you good income.

To sell a web story, you can also contact a blogger and work for him for a salary or sell a web story.

10. Earn money from social media

As you have understood above, Web Story is a good way to get traffic from Google, through which you can send traffic to your blog, YouTube channel or any other social media and can earn from this traffic through social media.

For example, if you earn money on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc. then you can send the traffic of the web story to that social media and earn more from there, for which you just need to include social media in your web story. Link needs to be added

Benefits of creating Google Web Story

Nowadays, the new way of sharing stories and content through digital platforms is attracting users in a major way, and Google Web Stories is one such major solution. Here we will know in detail some important advantages of creating Google Web Stories:

  • Features and Attractiveness: Google Web Stories is a new and attractive way to present your stories and content. It has the right combination of photos, videos, graphics, and text that makes your story unique. It can make your website interesting and attract your users.
  • Special Attention: In Google Web Stories, your story is presented on a single page, making it easier to attract attention and acceptance. Here each page does not have different information or twists, allowing users to read their favorite stories without any hassle.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Google Web Stories is fully mobile friendly and displays well on different devices. In today’s digital age, many users store information from mobile devices, and Google Web Stories is perfect for them.
  • Broadcast on the Web: Google Web Stories can be included directly into Google’s search results, allowing your stories and content to get more views. This can help boost your online reach and enhance the reputation of your website.
  • Briefness of content: The advantage of Google Web Stories is that it presents the content in a concise form. People often cannot read long texts due to time constraints, but the use of Google Web Stories provides users with short and interesting content.
  • Social Sharing: Web Stories are easily shareable, so your readers can share them with their friends and family. This can help you reach your content to a larger audience and increase your brand identity.
  • Achieving an attractive positioning: Using Google Web Stories can help your brand to achieve an attractive positioning. Your Google Web Stories lets you engage with your users, one-on-one, and give them a new way to interact with your brand.

In this way, Google Web Stories not only helps in engaging users, but it is also an important medium to present your content in a new and interesting way. This lets you share more with users and give them a new way to engage with your brand.

Things to consider when creating Google Web Stories

While trying to create Google Web Stories, you should keep the following important things in mind so that your story looks attractive, beautiful and professional:

  • Take a high-quality photo: Choose a high-quality photo for the quality of your story. Using high resolution photos will give depth and detail to your story.
  • Avoid copyrighted material: Do not use copyrighted material of any kind, such as photos and videos. Using such content in Google Web Stories could land you in copyright problems.
  • At least 5 Slides: Your story should contain at least 5 slides. This will improve the structural form of your story and it will help your website to get more traffic.
  • Write the desired article: Do not allow the length of the article in the story post to be less than 90 words and more than 180 words. This will summarize your story’s information.
  • Use commercial links with caution: Avoid using too many links. Use only one business link per slide in the story so as not to confuse readers.

By following all these tips, you can create Google Web Stories that will attract audiences and stimulate more traffic to your blog.

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Conclusion – How to Make Money with Google Web Story

I hope that you have got the information given in today’s post and if you are interested in reading posts with similar information then you can bookmark our blog in your browser. With this you will be able to read our latest posts first.

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What skills are required to create Google Web Stories?

Creating Google Web Stories requires basic designing and story-building skills.

Can we really make money from Google Web Stories?

Yes, you can make money from Google Web Stories through well-crafted stories.

Can I embed Google Web Stories on my website?

Yes, you can embed Google Web Stories on your website and share them with your thoughtful readers.

Does it work with Google AdSense and other programs?

Yes, you can make money by integrating Google Web Stories with Google AdSense and other programs.

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