How to Earn Money from Paytm 2023 – 13 Easy Ways

Today’s post is about how to earn money from Paytm, in which I will tell you what is Paytm App, how to download it, and some good ways to earn money from it. Paytm is a very big company in which every day some or the other offers keep coming. You can earn good money using mobile only.

I have been using Paytm for 4 years in which I have earned some good money from Paytm. Based on that, in this post I will tell you some good ways to earn money online from Paytm.

Instead of just earning money using Paytm App, you can save some money by purchasing items used in your daily routine from Paytm because you also get some cashback on every purchase.

Apart from these, you can save time by doing tasks like Mobile Recharge, Dth Recharge, Bill Payment, Money Transfer, etc. sitting at home and can also earn money from them.

How to Earn Money from Paytm 2023 – 13 Easy Ways
How to Earn Money from Paytm 2023 – 13 Easy Ways

The most special thing about Paytm is that there is no need for any third party to make any payment, even if it is a bank, because Paytm also has a Paytm Payment Bank and you will get every facility in Paytm, so let’s know about Paytm. About some easy and new ways of how to earn money.

What is Paytm App?

Paytm is an Indian Electronic Payment Company which provides you the facility to make many types of payments online. The full name of Paytm is Pay Through Mobile. A lot can be understood about it from this name itself. Its creator is Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Paytm App Screenshot
Paytm App Screenshot

This is also a mobile app website which you can use from any Android mobile. First, Paytm was started in 2010 as an online mobile recharge website but today it includes everything from mobile recharge to shopping, games and payment bank. The facility is available.

Today, almost all Android mobile users use it because it has the facility of Paytm Wallet along with Paytm Payment Bank, so that apart from mobile recharge, ticket booking, bill payment, dth recharge, money transfer, shopping, game also Can do a lot of work.

By using Paytm, you not only save your time but also help in making PM Modi’s India cashless and you also earn money from it because you get cashback on making any payment.

Today, Paytm is not only the most used app but it is also counted among the top apps on Play Store which has millions of users because you will not get as many options as there are in Paytm in any app, see some special information about it here.

Earn Money from Paytm in English

App NamePaytm App: Secure UPI Payment
App CategoryOnline Mobile Payment
FounderVijay Shekhar Sharma
App LanchYear 2010
Head OfficeNoida, U.P.
Overall Rating4.5 / 5 Star
Total Download10 Cr+
App Download LinkApp Launch
Ways to earn money11+ ways
How much do you earn (monthly)millions of rupees+

So this is all about what is Paytm, now we will know how to earn money from this Paytm App. If you want information about how to create a Paytm account, then you can read my post on how to recharge mobile from Paytm.

How to Earn Money from Paytm
How to Earn Money from Paytm

How to Earn Money from Paytm

There are many ways in Paytm by which you earn money. Apart from the methods available in Paytm, you can also earn money in Paytm from other apps and websites like sites and apps that earn money by watching videos, sites and apps that earn money by playing games. , Sites and apps that make money by watching ads.

In which you earn money on that site and app but the money earned comes only in Paytm, but in this post we will talk about earning money only from Paytm App and not about any other app, so let us know.

Ways to earn money from PaytmDaily earnings
By creating an account in Paytm20 to 50 rupees
By recharging100 to 200 rupees
By transferring money100 to 150 rupees
By shopping online300 to 1000 rupees
By investing in Paytm Gold1 thousand to 5 thousand rupees
By referring to PayTM App100 to 200 rupees/referral
By doing KYC of PaytmRs 300/KYC
By playing Paytm First Game500 to thousand rupees
By Paytm Money AppMillions of rupees
By selling your products on Paytm40 to 50 thousand rupees
By selling PayTM products500 to 1500 rupees
By Affiliate MarketingUnlimited rupees
Earn money through PayTM app1000 to 5000 rupees

#1 – By creating an account in Paytm

When you create an account in Paytm for the first time, you can earn Rs 100 from Paytm by creating an account, for which you will have to download Paytm App from our referral link and after creating an account, send Rs 1 to our number.

In this way, you can get 100 real cash from Paytm by spending 1 rupee, some of the terms and conditions are as follows.

  • First, you have to download Paytm App from our link.
  • Then immediately create an account in it and send one rupee to our number via UPI.
  • This Rs 1 has to be done within a maximum of 24 hours after creating a Paytm account, after which this offer will not be valid.

#2 – By recharging

In Paytm App, you can earn a lot of money just by doing recharge in which many options like Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Data Recharge and Metro Recharge are available.

Different offers are available on every recharge and apart from these offers, you can also earn cashback by using promo codes. The biggest advantage of mobile recharge at this time is that the customer gets more than one rupee on every recharge.

Because every recharge there are 49, 129, 149,199,249 such recharges in which the customer never even asks for a single rupee. Suppose if you do 100 recharges in a day then you will earn 100 rupees just like this.

Apart from this, in the offers in Paytm, you get Rs 5 to Rs 20 on every recharge, it can be more than this, if I consider Rs 5 for every recharge, then it is Rs 500 for 100 recharges.

I have only given the example of mobile recharge, similarly you can earn money from DTH recharge, metro recharge and other recharge methods. You get more cashback in DTH recharge and metro recharge than in mobile recharge.

#3 – By transferring money

Money transfer in Paytm is also a good way to earn money because by doing transactions through Upi in Paytm, you get good cashback. There are many types of offers coming in it for Upi.

In which you can earn money on all types of transactions like sending money from Upi to a bank account, sending money by scanning or sending money from wallet or bank to any merchant.

To earn money in all these ways, first of all you have to see the offer to see how much cashback is available on how many transactions, because in this the cashback is determined on the amount.

For example, if you are getting Rs 20 on a transaction of Rs 500, then if you do a transaction of less than Rs 500, you will not get any cashback. You will have to follow the cashback rules.

For this, you go to the cashback section and know the complete details of the offer, first know how much money to transfer and how to do it because sometimes you have to make the payment from the bank and sometimes from the wallet, the complete details of which can be seen here.

#4 – By Online Shopping

Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, many people shop online. If you do online shopping, you can get good cashback by shopping through Paytm.

There are many such products in Paytm which are available on sites like Amazon Flipkart but perhaps you do not get cashback on purchases from Flipkart but in Paytm you get money on the purchase of every product.

To purchase Paytm, you will have to download Paytm Mall App, which is easily available on Play Store, through which you can save some money even by purchasing household items.

Many people do not have the facility to shop online or they do not know how to shop, for them you can earn some money by shopping from Paytm.

In Paytm App, you get vouchers from Amazon and Flipkart for online transactions. If you shop from Amazon and Flipkart with those vouchers, you will get a discount of the same amount.

#5 – By investing in Paytm Gold

You do not get any cashback in Paytm Gold but you can earn much more money from Paytm Gold than cashback and that is why big goldsmiths and rich people use it to invest their money.

In this you have to buy gold and when the price of gold increases then you have to sell that gold and you must be aware how fast the price of gold increases.

Many people will feel that they do not have that much money to invest in gold and earn money, then Paytm gives you such a service that you can buy gold even for one rupee or you can also buy gold with the cashback you earn.

And to buy gold, you also get some promo codes, by applying which you also get some extra gold from which you can earn more money.

To buy, sell and keep the purchased gold in Paytm, Paytm also gives you a gold account in which you can keep the gold you buy for any number of days.

For more information about Paytm Gold, you can read my post What is Paytm Gold Account and how to earn money from it, in which you have complete information about Paytm Gold?

#6 – By referring Paytm App

Refer And Earn in Paytm can also be a best option to earn money in which you do not have to do much, just take the referral link of your Paytm account and share it with your friends.

Whoever downloads Paytm App by clicking on your referral link and creates his Paytm account and makes payment for the first time, you get Rs 100. If even 10 people use your referral link daily, then you can earn Rs 1000 daily.

In this work, all you have to do is to spread your referral link to those people who have not yet created a Paytm account, for which you can use social media.

If you can also use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social media, if you are a blogger or a YouTuber then this work becomes easier for you.

Because you can give the referral link of Paytm in the YouTube video and blog post and can tell about it in the video or blog post.

#7 – By doing KYC of Paytm

In today’s time, millions of people want to get KYC done for Paytm, in such a situation, you can open your own Paytm KYC center by becoming a Paytm KYC agent and people can earn good money by doing KYC of Paytm Account.

For this, you will have to go to Paytm’s website and apply for opening a KYC center, for which you will have to provide some documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account etc. and after getting approval from Paytm, you can open your own KYC center and register your people. By doing KYC you can start earning money.

Here Paytm gives you 300 rupees for doing KYC and you can also earn some money from the customer. Although taking money from the customer is against the rules of Paytm, but there are many people who give money willingly after doing KYC. .

We have given more information about earning money by doing Paytm KYC in this post How to earn money from Paytm KYC, in which we have given complete information about how to become a KYC agent, how to apply and how to earn money by opening a KYC center after getting approval.

#8 – By playing Paytm First Game

You may have often heard that you can earn money by playing games, but you may not have heard that you can also earn money in Paytm through Paytm First Game.

In Paytm App, you get an option below, Paytm First Game, in which you get many types of games, by playing which you can earn Paytm points and cashback.

For this you will have to download Paytm First Game App and login with your mobile number or Paytm account. In this you get a chance to earn money by spinning and having fun by playing your favorite games.

In this, apart from playing games, you can earn money by referring from Paytm First Game. You can easily transfer the money earned from Paytm First Game to your Paytm Wallet.

#9 – From Paytm Money App

Paytm Money App is also a product of Paytm which is designed to earn money by totally investing. Through this Paytm Money you can invest your money in Stock Market, Mutual Fund, NPS Retirement Fund and IPO and Can get good returns from here.

Well, this Paytm Money App is only for those people who have some money and want to earn money by investing that money in a good place, otherwise you cannot do any other work with this App.

For which first of all you will have to download Paytm Money App and create an account in the App for which you will also need documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Bank Account details and will also have to provide some information about yourself.

Once you create an account in Paytm Money App, then you can invest your money in Stock Market, Mutual Fund, NPS Retirement Fund and IPO etc. from this app and earn good returns from it.

But even to do this work, you should have the right information about investing because there is as much risk of loss as there is profit in it because here you get returns according to the ups and downs of the stock market, so think carefully. Start investing only here.

By the way, there is a way to earn money without any risk in this Paytm Money App, which is its referral program where you just have to share the referral link of your Paytm Money App and get more and more people to join through this referral link. .

Whoever makes the first investment by joining your referral link Paytm Money App, then you get Rs. 400 as referral. You will get Rs. 400-400 as referral for as many people as you can get to join.

If you want to know more about Paytm Money App, then for this you can read this post – What is Paytm Money App, how to earn money, complete information about it is given in it.

#10 – By selling your products on Paytm

If you have any product then you can sell that product online through Paytm. Here many people make their own products and sell them on Paytm. If you cannot make such products then you can sell the product somewhere. You can also sell on Paytm by buying from Rs.

All the big shopkeepers here buy their products, some sell them through shops and some sell them online through Paytm. Similarly, you can also earn money from Paytm by selling your products, even if you do not want to open a shop. If so then only online method can be used.

For this, you will have to register yourself as a seller on Paytm and whatever product you want to sell, you will have to list it here on Paytm, so that the selling of your product will start and you will get money for the number of products sold.

#11 – By selling PayTM products

In this way, you can sell your products on Paytm. Similarly, you can sell Paytm products in any other way, all you have to do is buy Paytm products and earn money by selling them for more money.

You can do this work online and can also do it offline. In the offline method you will have to search for customers, whereas in the online method you can use YouTube, Blog or any social media.

Here you just have to keep in mind that you buy only those products from Paytm which people need, that is, that product should be sold because the product you buy from Paytm will have to be sold at a higher price, only then you can earn money in this way.

#12 – By Affiliate Marketing

If you are not interested in buying or selling products, then you can do Affiliate Marketing of Paytm products and can earn a fixed commission according to the product selling, in which there is no hassle of even a single %.

For this you just have to join Paytm’s Affiliate Program and create an affiliate link of any Paytm product and sell Paytm products through that link where Paytm will give you commission as per the product.

But for this you will need a user base on the internet where you can share Paytm’s Affiliate Link and users can buy Paytm products by clicking on this link and you can earn money from Paytm.

If you are a Youtuber or Blogger then you can do this work easily, if you are not then you can use some social media where you have some good followers who trust you and are willing to buy the product.

#13 – Earn money through Paytm app

Today, there are thousands of such money earning apps and money earning games on the internet using which you can earn money in Paytm, which include investment app, money earning app by sharing videos, almost all the categories of money earning apps are available from Paytm.

For example, there is an app on Play Store called 4Fun which you can download and create any video in it and upload it. When someone likes your video, you get money which you can withdraw in Paytm App.

In this 4Fun App, you can earn money by uploading videos as well as by referring, you can earn money by sharing the app, here you get Rs 80 for one share and Rs 100 for referring, which you can later withdraw in Paytm…

How to withdraw money from Paytm?

Withdrawal of money from Paytm App is very easy. Here you can withdraw your money in many ways or use it for your needs. First let us know the way to withdraw the money from Paytm Wallet to the bank.

Step 1. For this you have to first open Paytm App and click on your Wallet.

Step 2. When you click on your Paytm Wallet, you will see the amount of money in the Wallet and below it you will also see some options for withdrawing this money, Pay, Transfer To Bank and Send A Gift Boucher.

Step 3. There will be many options to withdraw money here but if we are talking about withdrawing money in the bank, then you will have to click on the option of “Transfer To Bank”.

Step 4. As soon as you click on the Transfer To Bank option, you will see the option to enter the amount, then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw here and click on the Proceed option.

Step 5. Now in the next step you will have to add your bank, then enter the account number, IFSC Code, and name of the account holder of the bank in which you want to withdraw your money, after which some OTP will come on your number, you will have to verify it, after which Your money will be withdrawn into your bank account instantly.

Note – There is no charge for withdrawing money here, but you cannot withdraw an amount of less than Rs 100 in the bank, here you can withdraw minimum Rs 100, there is no limit on the maximum.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Paytm

This was the information about some good ways to earn money from Paytm, in which I have told in detail about the ways to earn money from every option of Paytm, from mobile recharge to shopping.

I hope this information on How to earn money from Paytm will have been useful for you so that you too will be able to earn more and more money from Paytm.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram, and follow us on Instagram to get updates on such information.


How to earn free money from Paytm?

Here I have told you how to earn money from Paytm, all the methods are free, it will cost you money just to buy and sell the product, the remaining 10 methods are absolutely free which you can use.

How to earn Paytm cash online?

To earn Paytm Cash, I have told you 11 ways in this post, but if you want, you can earn Paytm Cash through other apps also, for which you can use Big Cash App, Gamezop App, Stick Pool Club App, Roz Dhan, MX Player Games. , GALO Earning App etc. can be used.

Can I earn money from Paytm?

You can earn money from Paytm in many ways, including earning cashback by using Paytm App, affiliate marketing, Paytm First Game, Paytm Gold, Paytm Money and by referring.

How can I get unlimited money in Paytm?

You can earn unlimited money by doing affiliate marketing from Paytm, investing and referring in Paytm.

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