Enchanted Echoes Poem in English

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Enchanted Echoes Poem in English
Enchanted Echoes Poem in English

Enchanted Echoes Poem

In twilight’s grasp, where shadows weave,
Enchanted echoes softly breathe.
A symphony of whispers, unseen,
Through realms of dreams, where fancies glean.

Moonlit melodies, a dance of light,
In the hush of night, secrets alight.
Stars, like diamonds, adorn the vast,
As time slows down, a moment cast.

Whispers linger in the silken air,
Unveiling tales of the beyond, rare.
Echoes of a forgotten lore,
In the mystic tapestry, they implore.

Enchanted echoes, timeless and free,
Waltzing through the tapestry.
In the heart’s alcove, where dreams entwine,
A serenade of echoes, divine.

Through ancient woods and meadows fair,
Where magic hums in the open air.
Enchanted echoes, a spell to bind,
The ethereal dance of heart and mind.

As dawn approaches, the echoes wane,
But in memory, they shall remain.
A lingering enchantment, soft and deep,
In the quiet echoes, dreams shall sleep.

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