11 Republic Day Poems in English

Republic Day is considered one of the most important days and dates in India. It is celebrated with great grandeur and pride to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution on 26 January 1950. On this day, our country was officially declared a sovereign and republican state for the first time in history. Since that day, India has been celebrating this day with grand parades and spectacular state tableaux in New Delhi, India. India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024. As the day is slowly approaching, many Republic Day poetry competitions are also being organized in schools and colleges. Here are some unique Republic Day poems in English to help you in competitions.

Republic Day Poems in English
Republic Day Poems in English

Republic Day Poems in English

Republic Day Poem 1

On this special day, together we celebrate,
India’s Republic, a country so great.
With great happiness and pride, we gather near,
To honour the nation, loud and clear.
We learn about our Constitution,
It guides our nation’s evolution.
Different rights and duties, we understand,
The importance of a democratic land.
We sing the national anthem with great pride,
Together, we stand side by side.
Respecting each other, we embrace,
The diversity of our Indian race.

Republic Day Poems in English for Class 4

Republic Day Poem 2- Celebrate the Republic

In January’s pride, our flags unfurled,
A day of freedom, for all the world.
With hearts so full, we stand and cheer,
For Republic Day, the day so dear.

With colors bright, of orange, white, and green,
A nation’s unity, like never seen.
In every corner, from sea to sea,
A land of diversity, strong and free.

The Constitution guides our way,
A beacon of light, night and day.
Rights and duties, hand in hand,
Together we stand, a united land.

Children, elders, side by side,
In unity, our strength will abide.
A tapestry woven, rich and grand,
In the mosaic of this sacred land.

So let’s rejoice, with joy and pride,
Our nation’s spirit, no one can hide.
On this Republic Day, let’s unite,
And celebrate our freedom’s light.

In the parade, the tricolors sway,
Soldiers march, proud and gay.
With songs of love, and cheers so loud,
We stand tall, a patriotic crowd.

Oh, India, our motherland so fair,
With love and hope beyond compare.
Happy Republic Day, let’s say it clear,
For the land we cherish, hold so dear.

Republic Day Poems in English for Class 3

Republic Day Poem 3

India is our beloved nation
The Republic Day calls for grand celebrations.
We unite and stand tall with hand in hand,
Proudly singing the anthem, our voices are so grand.
We remember our martyrs, brave and true,
Who fought for our country, through and through.
Their sacrifices we never forget,
Every day our respect and tribute we express.
The tricolour unfurls so bright and bold,
Symbolizes our freedom tales, left untold.
With colours of saffron, white, and green,
What a beautiful sight, it can be seen.

Republic Day Poems

Republic Day Poem 4

On this Republic Day, let’s stand tall,
United we stand, divided we fall.
With pride in our hearts and happiness in our souls, we celebrate,
The freedom and unity that makes our country great.
The tricolour flag, so vibrant and bold,
Represents the rich values we uphold.
Let’s cherish our deep nation, so diverse,
And strive for progress, together we traverse.

Republic Day Poems in English for Class 2

Republic Day Poem 5

India, a land so vast,
Republic Day is finally here at last.
With joy and pride, we all unite,
To celebrate our nation’s might.
Our tricolour flag flies so high,
Symbolizing freedom, reaching high skies.
Let’s honour our heroes, brave and true,
And strive to make our dreams come true.

Republic Day Poems 2024
Republic Day Poems 2024

Republic Day Poems 2024

Republic Day Poem 6

On Republic Day, we stand and unite,
To honour India, a country shining bright.
With love and respect, we say,
Happy Republic Day everyone, hooray!

Republic Day Poems by Blogging kk

A Nation’s Pride

In the heart of January, a day so grand,
A nation’s pride, on every hand.
With tricolors waving, in the sky so high,
Republic Day echoes, as the eagles fly.

United we stand, in diversity so vast,
A tapestry of cultures, in freedom’s cast.
From north to south, and east to west,
Our unity shines, a testament to the best.

Ode to the heroes, who paved the way,
For a sovereign land, in the sun’s bright ray.
Their sacrifice echoes, in the winds that blow,
As the tricolor dances, in the morning’s glow.

A celebration of democracy, a vibrant hue,
Where every voice matters, both old and new.
In the constitution’s embrace, we find our might,
A beacon of hope, in the darkest night.

Let the anthem resound, in every heart,
A melody of freedom, a work of art.
On this Republic Day, let’s come together,
For a stronger nation, forever and ever.

So, raise the flag, with pride so true,
In the red, white, and blue.
Happy Republic Day, to the land so dear,
May it thrive and prosper, year after year.

Republic Day Poem 7

India is a beautiful country, a nation so grand,
On Republic Day, together we all proudly stand.
With the tricolour flag held high,
We celebrate with happiness, oh my!

Republic Day poetry

Republic Day Poem 8

On this special day, we remember together,
The countless sacrifices of our brave defenders.
With love and respect in our hearts, we say,
Happy Republic Day, every day.
As the saffron, white, and green unfurls high,
Our soar spirits, reach the sky.
With courage, hope, and effort, we make our way,
For a brighter India, every day.

Republic Day Poems in English for Class 1

Republic Day Poem 9

On this 75th Republic Day, let’s celebrate,
The freedom of our nation, a country so great.
With great unity and pride, we stand tool
For this great country, we give it our all.
Colours of saffron, white, and green,
Showcase above the clouds a beautiful scene
With a deep love for our country, we come together,
To honour our brave heroes, then, now, and forever.

Patriotic Poems on Republic Day

Republic Day Poem 10

India is a rich land where millions of dreams unfold,
Amidst the hustle and bustle, there is a tale of freedom so bold.
On Republic Day our hearts ignite with pride,
With colours so vibrant to paint the sky bright.
Above the clouds, the tricolour flies,
Saffron, white, and green, signify.
Every citizen’s pride, in unity we stand,
In every heart, there goes a patriotic band.
Heroes of war, their stories often told,
Stories so old, yet brave and bold.
The Constitution was penned, it is a sacred creed,
On this day, our spirits freed.
As the anthem echoes, let us shine bright,
In unity, we stand and raise our voices high.
On this Republic Day, come what may,
A nation’s glory, forever to stay.

Small Poems on Republic Day in English

Republic Day Poem 11

On this glorious day of joy
India celebrates its Republic Day
With hearts full of love and cheer
For the country, we hold so much dear.
The Indian flag flies high
Showcasing our diversity, unity, and pride,
The tricolour reminds us of the sacrifices made,
And for them, we observe a grand parade.
With freedom and justice, we are bestowed,
In our beautiful and vibrant abode,
Together let’s uphold the values we hold,
And make our future strong and bold.
Happy Republic Day to one and all,
Let’s stand together and stand tall,
In this rich land of dreams and hope,
May our nation forever thrive and cope.

Celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024
Celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024

Celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024

As India celebrates its 75th Republic Day in 2024, the nation reflects upon a rich history marked by progress, unity, and resilience. This significant milestone is an occasion to honor the values of democracy and independence that have shaped the country over the decades.

The Republic Day festivities will likely be marked by grand parades, cultural events, and patriotic displays, showcasing the diverse heritage and achievements of the nation. The iconic Republic Day Parade on Rajpath in New Delhi will be a focal point, featuring the impressive display of military prowess, traditional dance performances, and the participation of various states and union territories.

In addition to the traditional celebrations, the 75th Republic Day is an opportunity for India to highlight its advancements in various fields, including technology, science, and innovation. The event may also serve as a platform to emphasize the importance of sustainability, inclusive growth, and global collaboration in addressing contemporary challenges.

The celebrations will undoubtedly resonate with a sense of pride and patriotism, as the people of India come together to honor the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and the progress achieved since gaining independence. It is a time to renew the commitment to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and to envision a future of continued growth, harmony, and prosperity for the nation.

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