How to Earn Money from Winzo App 2023 (Win Money by Playing Games)

Today’s post is about how to earn money from Winzo app, where I am going to tell you in detail what is Winzo app, from downloading, creating credit card, withdrawing money and withdrawing money.

Today is about how to earn money online but this post is not about making but playing games and earning money from Winzo App. About search is here.

In today’s time, any child or adult, everyone enjoys playing games, but when you get money for playing games, then the fun becomes double, hence, fun and earning money is very important in anyone’s life, money is yours. Satisfies needs and entertainment gives you happiness.

Similarly, in today’s time, whether it is a game, IPL game, IPL game or any other game, people play games as per their choice and earn good money from it.

How to Earn Money from Winzo App 2023 (Win Money by Playing Games)
How to Earn Money from Winzo App 2023 (Win Money by Playing Games)

Similarly, this Winzo app game is also very popular at this time in which there are many ways like fantasy game gamer money, world war, refer and earning. You can earn money from apps like Winzo and also withdraw it from your bank account easily. ,

So if you want complete information about making money from this Winzo game then read this post completely.

Winzo App Review in English

Main PointDetails
App NameWinzo App
App CategoryGaming
App Size75 MB
App DownloadMore than Rs 2 crore
Overall Rating4.7 (5 Star)
Download LinkDownload from Winzo website
Referral CommissionRs.100
Ways to Earn Money10 + methods
Daily incomeDownload from Winzo’s website
WithdrawalPaytm & Bank Account

What is WinZo App?

Winzo app is a complete gaming platform which includes more than 70 games one of which lets your gamers earn money. This game app is a real money game which is also the first and largest gaming platform in India.

There is an app name of this Winzo on Play Store and there is Winzo Gold app on Winzo’s website which you can download from this place and can earn good money from Winzo by playing 70 different game games.

This Winzo game app is very popular at this time, the main reason for which is that in one app you get so many game features and also money on all the game games. Similarly, Winzo app has got a user base of 3+ million households so far. Is. Is.

Who uses this Winzo app everyday to play games and earn money, this app is played in 1500+ cities, it also has many languages where you can play games in your language and earn money.

How to download and install WinZo App?

Downloading WinZo App is very easy, you can download it from Play Store or you can also download/install WinZo App by going to WinZo’s website. According to me, you should download this game app from WinZo’s website. So that you can get a bonus of up to Rs 50, let us know the method.

Go to website

For this, first of all you have to go to the official website of, for which you can go by clicking on this link and then search this URL in Google.

And if you want, if you just search Google by writing Winzo App Download, you will still find this site. Use any method, when you reach this website, you get to see this type of option.

Go to website
Go to website

Download and click 50

Now you have to download this Winzo app and click on the placement of 50, after which a popup window will open in which the placement of the download will be there, then click on this download.

Install WinZo App

When you click for download, this Winzo App starts downloading and within some time it gets downloaded but it does not get installed in your mobile.

Now to install it in the mobile, you have to click on the place from where the app has been downloaded, from where you will get the installation charge, you can install this Winzo app in your mobile by clicking.

How to Register on WinZo App (Account Creation Process)

When you install Winzo App in your mobile, then you have to register in this App, that is, you have to create your account, so let us know what is the method of creating an account and how you can register on Winzo App.

  1. Firstly you have to open Winzo App.
  2. When you open this app, the option to choose the language appears in front of you, so choose the language you like.
  3. In the next step you have to enter your mobile number, so enter your 10 digit mobile number here and click on Send OTP.
  4. Now you have to verify the OTP, if that number is in the same mobile then it will be automatically verified but if that number is in some other mobile phone then you will have to verify by entering the OTP here.
  5. In the next step, you will be given information about Avtar and name, then you have to fill whatever information is being asked about you, after which click on Complete Profile.

In this way, your Winzo App has been registered, which means you have created an account on Winzo App, now you can start earning money from this Winzo App, so let us know about it in detail.

How to earn money from winzo app

Here your account has also been created on Winzo App but now the question is to earn money from Winzo App, here you get many ways to earn money.

So let us know in detail about all these methods, what you have to do in it and how you get money and how much money you can earn from it.

1. By playing games

As I have already told you, Winzo App is a gaming app in which many games are given which you can earn money by playing, so here you can play whatever game you like and start earning money.

You will find many popular games on Winzo App which include Space Warrior, Free Fire, Knife Up, Memory Mania, Fruit Samurai, Cricket, Carom, Crazy Quiz, Bubble Shooter etc. out of which you can play any game and it is better than this. Can earn.

2. Via Winzo Store

Winzo Store is a kind of game store where you get to play many pad games at huge discounts which include many games like Free Fire, Pubg, so if you are interested in playing this game then you can get this game here at huge discounts. You can earn money by playing.

Because this Winzo App is a total gaming app, so here you can earn good money by playing all these games. In today’s time, there is hardly any user who does not like Winzo Game because there is not just one but thousands of games in it, by playing which you can earn good money. Can.

3. By playing Free Fire Tournament

The second best way to earn money on Winzo App is Free Fire Tournament where you also get the best money but to play this Free Fire Tournament you will have to register here.

According to me, you should definitely register this Free Fire Tournament. On registering here, you need a custom and its password, which you get only after registering, through this you can join any Free Fire Tournament and earn money from here. Can earn.

For those people who do not know about Free Fire Tournament, this is a kill base work, here the more you kill, the more money you get, so here you have to kill as much as possible and earn money from Winzo.

4. By Spin To Win

Spin To Win in Winzo App is a very good option to earn money in which there is a wheel which you get money by rotating.

Here this wheel has many parts and money is written in each part. When you spin this wheel and on which number the wheel stops, you get that much money.

Here there are chances of winning from Rs 2 to Rs 1000, which is in a way a game of luck as to where the wheel stops when you spin it and how much money you can earn.

5. By Winzo Baazi

Winzo Baazi is also a game, many different types of game apps are available here which include Rummy, Ludo etc., within which there are many categories of games which include Teen Patti, Battle, Card Games, Cricket Game etc. .

Here you can play all these games as per your wish, some of which may be free and some may be paid, here there is no money for the game but there may be an entry fee for playing, by playing which you can earn money.

6. By referring Winzo App

There is also a way to earn money by Refer and Earn in Winzo App, where you can earn Rs. 100 for each referral by referring Winzo App to your friends, which is quite easy and the best way.

When you download Winzo App and create an account, you get a referral link in Winzo App, you have to share this referral link with your friends.

When someone clicks on your referral link and downloads Winzo App and plays games in it, you get Rs 100 for referral. Here, if you refer even 10 people in a day, you will easily earn Rs 1000.

But to withdraw this money in your bank, you will have to refer at least 25 people due to which you will earn Rs 2500, only then you can withdraw this money in your bank account.

7. Winzo by WorldWar

WinZo WorldWar is a game of Winzo App in which you play World Wise game, here if your word wins then you get money even if you have lost.

Here there is a game between different countries in which you are a member. When your word wins then whatever amount is distributed equally among its members. Here even if you lose, you will still get money.

But to play this game you have to stake some money, at least Rs 2, there is no limit of more than this, there are many teams here where you can play this game with the team of your country.

This game is also like a lucky draw where the money of all the teams is collected and then a toss is conducted on the basis of which the winner is selected. The team that wins gets the money and the rest lose their money.

8. By playing Daily Puzzle

Puzzle is a kind of game where you play this game by staking some money in which the puzzle has to be solved. Different types of puzzles are given here, the entry fee of which is also given here.

Here you can choose a puzzle as per your wish and by paying its entry fee, you can start solving that puzzle. When you solve the puzzle successfully, you get money, otherwise you lose the money invested.

Here you can win Rs 500 to Rs 1000 by solving puzzles, so if you like this game then you can play it and start earning money from it.

How to Withdraw Money from Winzo App

Till now you have understood about earning money from Winzo App, but now the question of withdrawing money is there, when you earn even Rs 3 from Winzo App, then you can withdraw this money.

For this you will need Paytm Upi ID or you can also withdraw this money directly in the bank account. Here the minimum limit for withdrawing money is three rupees and there is no maximum limit.

For this, you just have to go to the Wallet of your Winzo App and click on the money you have earned, where you will need to enter Paytm Upi ID or bank details, after which you can withdraw the money.

Conclusion – How to Make Money from Winzo App

This was some information about money Winzo App from how you can download it, including how to download Winzo App, how to download it and how to download it. Is explained in detail.

I hope that this information will be helpful for you, you will like it and along with it you will get complete information about how to earn money from Winzo app. How will you like this information? You can write in the comment or give your opinion about this post so that we can Made your upcoming posts even better.

But if you liked this information, then share it with your friends and acquaintances on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other social media so that more people can read this post.

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How much money can you earn from Winzo App?

This question depends on you, how much you play Winzo App and how much you win, but even if a common person plays this game just for fun, he will still earn some good money from it.

What are the time to withdraw money from WinZo App?

Here in Winzo App there is no fixed time for withdrawing money. When you earn minimum Rs 3 or more then you can withdraw this money at any time.

Is Winzo app safe?

Yes, it is completely 100% safe, which is guaranteed by the 3+ million people who use this app.

Is Winzo App totally free?

No, it is not completely free, friends, free things are those things in which there is no need to pay even a single rupee, but in Winzo, if you play the game by investing money, then it is completely free, anyway downloading this app. And playing some games is free, but if you play paid games, you have to pay also.

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