Mirage of Memories Poem in English

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Mirage of Memories Poem in English
Mirage of Memories Poem in English

Mirage of Memories Poem

In the desert of recollections, a mirage unfolds,
A shimmering tapestry of memories, untold.
Whispers of the past, like a distant song,
In the mirage of memories, where echoes prolong.

Through the sands of time, they dance and sway,
Illusions of moments that have slipped away.
Mirage of memories, a spectral embrace,
A wistful journey in the mind’s vast space.

Reflections of laughter in the desert’s mirage,
Glimmers of joy, like a fleeting collage.
Footprints of love etched in the golden sand,
A mirage of memories, where hearts expand.

Yet, like a mirage, they tease and elude,
Fleeting and ephemeral, in solitude.
Phantoms of the heart, in the mind’s mirage,
A kaleidoscope of emotions, a memory collage.

Sunset hues paint the canvas of the mind,
In the mirage of memories, treasures we find.
But mirages fade, illusions dissipate,
Leaving behind echoes of a distant fate.

In the desert of time, where illusions gleam,
The mirage of memories, a poignant dream.
Through the shifting sands, we wander free,
Chasing mirages of what used to be.

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