Crimson Horizons Poem in English

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Crimson Horizons Poem in English
Crimson Horizons Poem in English

Crimson Horizons Poem

Beneath the canvas of the twilight sky,
Where day and night in harmony lie.
Emerges a spectacle, a vivid decree,
The birth of dreams in crimson glee.

The sun, a fiery ball of farewell,
Casting hues that stories often tell.
A symphony of warmth, a vibrant prize,
Painting the heavens in crimson ties.

As daylight surrenders to the dusk,
Crimson horizons, a whispered husk.
Silhouettes dance in the fading light,
A tapestry woven in the cloak of night.

The skyline blazes, a passionate hue,
A canvas ablaze with the day’s adieu.
Crimson ribbons in the celestial sprawl,
An artist’s touch, an enchanting thrall.

Mountains stand as sentinels bold,
Their peaks adorned in sunset’s gold.
Reflecting the fiery glow, nature’s reply,
To the allure of crimson horizons nigh.

The world holds its breath in twilight’s embrace,
As crimson horizons paint grace upon grace.
A fleeting moment, a celestial prize,
In the painted farewell of the day’s demise.

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