Celestial Serenity Poem in English

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Celestial Serenity Poem in English
Celestial Serenity Poem in English

Celestial Serenity Poem

In realms above, where stars align,
Celestial serenity, a beauty divine.
A cosmic dance in the vast expanse,
Heavenly whispers, a cosmic trance.

Moonbeams waltz in the velvet sky,
Painting dreams where galaxies lie.
Silent hymns from distant spheres,
Echoes of time, calming fears.

Celestial serenity, a timeless art,
Constellations weave, a celestial chart.
Nebulas swirl, a celestial ballet,
Infinite grace in the Milky Way.

Planets twirl in a cosmic ballet,
Each a dancer in the astral display.
Jupiter’s might, Saturn’s ring,
Mars ablaze, a fiery fling.

The sun, a golden heart ablaze,
Casting warmth through the cosmic haze.
A celestial symphony, a harmonious song,
In the celestial tapestry, we all belong.

Beyond the clouds, where eagles soar,
Celestial serenity forevermore.
Galaxies twinkle, a distant melody,
A cosmic lullaby, pure tranquility.

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