Symphony of Silence Poem in English

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Symphony of Silence Poem in English
Symphony of Silence Poem in English

Symphony of Silence Poem

In the realm where whispers waltz, a symphony unfolds,
A dance of shadows and echoes, untold.
Silence, the maestro, conducts the air,
Crafting a sonnet only the heart can bear.

Notes of quietude paint the canvas of night,
Starry constellations in celestial light.
Moonbeams pirouette, casting a gentle glow,
Upon a stage where only silence may bestow.

The rustle of leaves, a clandestine choir,
Nature’s serenade, a tune to inspire.
Yet in the hush, a profound refrain,
A melody that transcends the mortal plane.

In the stillness, echoes of dreams take flight,
Brushing the edges of consciousness, so slight.
Each heartbeat a rhythm, a pulse in the air,
A silent sonata, a secret to share.

Oh, Symphony of Silence, play on,
In the quiet spaces, where solace is drawn.
For in your arms, a sanctuary is found,
Where the soul finds peace, profound.

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