Ethereal Reverie Poem in English

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Ethereal Reverie Poem in English
Ethereal Reverie Poem in English

Ethereal Reverie Poem

In the realm of dreams, where shadows play,
Ethereal reverie, like dawn’s soft ray.
Whispers of time in a silent ballet,
A dance of illusions, in the night they sway.

Moonlit fantasies, a celestial trance,
Where stars paint stories, in a cosmic dance.
Silken threads of sleep, a delicate chance,
To wander through realms, in a mystic advance.

Feathers of moonlight, a soft, silver stream,
Flowing through visions, like a forgotten dream.
Whispers of zephyrs, in the night they teem,
Caressing the soul in this ethereal scheme.

Gossamer veils of the nocturnal haze,
Conceal the secrets of the dreamer’s maze.
In the heart of slumber, where reality sways,
A tapestry of wishes in the mind’s soft blaze.

But when dawn awakens, the reverie fades,
Leaving behind traces of the nocturnal shades.
Yet, in the heart’s chamber, the magic cascades,
Ethereal echoes of dreams in daylight parades.

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