Velvet Shadows Poem in English

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Velvet Shadows Poem in English
Velvet Shadows Poem in English

Velvet Shadows Poem

In the quiet realm where daylight wanes,
Velvet shadows, like silk, gently reign.
A dance of dusk, where the sun retires,
And the world succumbs to celestial fires.

Softly they cloak the world in hue,
Velvet shadows, a deep midnight blue.
Whispers of evening in the zephyr’s call,
As daylight surrenders, letting shadows fall.

Tender caress on the landscape they cast,
Veiling the day in a twilight contrast.
Mystical veils draped over the scene,
In the embrace of shadows, the night convenes.

The moon ascends, a radiant guide,
Casting silver threads on the eventide.
Velvet shadows weave tales untold,
In the quiet symphony, a story unfolds.

Secrets whispered in the shadowy ballet,
As stars emerge in the cosmic display.
Velvet shadows, a celestial braid,
In the nocturnal tapestry that’s delicately laid.

As night unfolds its velvety wings,
A quiet enchantment, the darkness brings.
In this nightly realm where dreams abide,
Velvet shadows linger, an ethereal guide.

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