Enigmatic Embers Poem in English

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Enigmatic Embers Poem in English
Enigmatic Embers Poem in English

Enigmatic Embers Poem

In the heart of the quiet, in the twilight’s keep,
Dwells a tale untold, where enigmatic embers sleep.
Softly glowing in the shadows’ embrace,
A dance of warmth, a flickering grace.

Embers aglow with a mysterious light,
Whispers of stories that traverse the night.
In the fireplace of secrets, where memories reside,
Enigmatic embers, in silence, confide.

A dance of amber, a waltz in the dark,
Igniting tales with an unspoken spark.
In the enigmatic embrace of the night,
Embers kindle stories, hidden from sight.

Each flicker, a chapter in the book of the past,
Enigmatic embers, memories cast.
They smolder with echoes of time gone by,
A silent witness to the moments that fly.

Shadows play upon the enigmatic glow,
A dance of secrets only embers know.
In the quietude, the tales unfold,
Enigmatic embers, storytellers bold.

As night advances, and the embers glow low,
The stories linger, a soft afterglow.
In the silence, where mystery remembers,
Resides the magic of enigmatic embers.

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