Blogger Vs WordPress in English 2023 Who is better Blogger or WordPress?

In today’s post we will know Blogger Vs WordPress in English Comparison which platform is better for blogging in and WordPress i.e. complete information about WordPress Vs Blogger Best Blogging Platform in English will be available in this post.

Nowadays, the new bloggers who start blogging have only one problem that on which platform they should start their blogging journey, on free or on paid WordPress, which is better and why is it better and among these for new bloggers? Who is the best?

If we look at the history of any successful blog or blogger in today’s time, then 70 to 80% of the bloggers have created their blogs on Paid WordPress. This % shows that 100% Paid WordPress is better than any blogging platform.

But this does not mean that you should consider platform as a bad platform because also has many such features which you cannot get even in WordPress.

So after all, which is better Blogger vs WordPress, for this we will know the shortcomings and advantages of both Blogger and WordPress, then you decide which platform is better for you for blogging WordPress vs Blogger.

For this you will have to read this post in which complete information about Blogger Vs WordPress in English has been given, after reading which you will be able to understand better whether Wordpess is good for you or Blogger is good for you in blogging platform, so let us know about both of them in detail. Is.

Blogger Vs WordPress in English 2023 Who is better Blogger or WordPress?
Blogger Vs WordPress in English 2023 Who is better Blogger or WordPress?

Bogger Vs WordPress in English

Before we compare Blogger and WordPress here, let us know what Blogger is and how it works and also what WordPress is and how it works so that it becomes easier for you to understand WordPress Vs Blogger in English. First we know about it.

What is blogger and how does it work?

What is blogger and how does it work?
What is blogger and how does it work? is a pure blogging platform created by Google from where anyone in the world can create their own free blog without spending a single rupee and can also earn money from it by starting their blogging journey.

This blogger not only allows you to create a free blog, but here you can also write your thoughts and knowledge through text and share them with the people of the world and also earn from this blog by monetizing this content in different ways. Can.

The specialty of this Blogger is that you do not need hosting and domain to create any blog here. Along with providing you free hosting facility, it also gives you a free domain through which you can start your free blog. It is.

Actually, this domain cannot be considered very good because it is not appropriate to have blogspot in the domain, that is why Blogger also gives us such a facility where you can remove this free domain and add a custom domain which is like this abc. com,,, anything because there are many other types of custom domains too.

If we talk about how to create a blog here, then it is quite easy for which you just need a Google’s Gmail ID with which you will login to, then you can create your blog in just three steps.

Creating this blog can be easy but blogging on this blog is a bit difficult because here every blog customization depends on coding where even small tasks will require coding whether it is about blog customization or Whether it is about adding any important option of blogging.

Here you will get very limited sources which can help you in your blogging, that is why most of the people use this platform only to learn blogging and after learning blogging, many people leave it and move to other platforms, even you can use Blogger. But you cannot create Online Store and E-Commerce Website either.

This is the talk about Blogger, what is Blogger and how does it work? Now let us know a little about WordPress, what is WordPress.

What is WordPress and how does it work?

What is WordPress and how does it work?
What is WordPress and how does it work?

WordPress is a free and open source software with the help of which you can create any kind of blog, create any kind of professional websites, not only this but you can also create web applications, e-commerce websites and online stores.

Here in WordPress, you get two types of services in which provides many free services to a large extent but its service is Totally Paid where you have to pay money to do anything. You can use both of these services on Blog/ You can create a website, one of which is free and the other is paid.

If we talk about then it is a free hosting service like Blogger but to some extent it means that here you can create a free blog on WordPress which will remain free only for one year, then you will have to pay some money. .

Here you will get free hosting along with free domain, which is something like Here you cannot add custom domain. Here some ads are also shown from WordPress side. This is also a limited source. It gives.

In which there are not many options for blog customization, there is no facility to use plugging here, but if you create a blog on as its second source, then you get full freedom to do anything. is definitely a Totally Paid plan where you will have to pay for every work but here you have the freedom to do anything whether you want to use plugging, use the best options for blog customization or do anything else.

The specialty of WordPress is that here you need to buy a custom domain along with hosting to create a blog/website, which costs at least Rs 2500+ because here you cannot create a blog without purchasing domain and hosting.

It is very easy to create a blog here, just buy domain and hosting, connect them together and install WordPress, your WordPress blog will be created, then you can design it as per your wish, in which there will not be any need of coding. Some elementors and plugging are available here. Will go which will complete all your coding work in one click.

Here in blogging too, there are many SEO plugins, Toc Plugin, Contact Form plugins, which means you will get a plugin for every task which will help a lot in your blogging. Here, the work of hours can be done in one minute through one plugin.

In this way, you must have understood what WordPress is and how it works. You must have got a lot of idea about what is better in Blogger Vs WordPress in English, but now let us compare WordPress Vs Blogger and find out what is better between these two. Which platform is more best?

Who is better Blogger Vs WordPress in English

Here we will compare Blogger and WordPress on the basis of their usage, in which I will use Blogger and WordPress in my blogging journey. I will also give you some experience of WordPress which platform is better between WordPress and Blogger.

But the points on which we will compare Blogger Vs WordPress here are Ownership, Cost, Customization, Security, SEO, Adsense Revenue, Portability, Live Support, etc. because these are the things that will tell you which blogging platform is better in WordPress Vs WordPress. If yes, then let us know.

Who is betterBloggerWordPress
Ownershipbecomes lessIs greater
Costit is freeThis will cost at least Rs 1000
Uses of Blogis underutilizedthere is more use
Securitymuch improvedNot much better but can be made as good as you want
Blog SEOVery little SEO facilityYou can do much better SEO as you want.
Blog earningsEqual (depending on traffic)Equal (depending on traffic)
Portabilitya lot of problems ariseNo problem, it’s quite easy
Live SupportNo SupportYou can get support whenever you want

1. Ownership

Here we first know that who will have the ownership of the blog you create on Blogger or WordPress.

Many of you might know that is the property of Google which is completely controlled by Google, in such a situation when you create a blog on Blogger, then the ownership rights on it are of Google.

Here we are not talking about the ownership rights that this blog is yours and you will earn money from it, rather we are talking about the ownership rights which are your property.

For example, when you build a house on your land, it is your property which no one in the world can harm, but when you build your house on someone else’s land, it will not be your property, here you are the owner of that land. You can build a house only by entering into an agreement with the person, otherwise he will not even allow you to build the house and how can the property of such an agreement be yours.

Such agreements often break within a few days and the same is the case with Blogger because Blogger is the property of Google. Here you make a blog on Blogger by making an agreement with Google, which is not your property and Google can harm it at any time.

But this is not the case in WordPress because here you are not using someone else’s property, whatever you use to create a blog, you purchase it with your own money and the thing purchased is your property, even if it is of hosting. Be it a domain, a theme or a plugin, if you buy it by paying money, it becomes your property which no one in the world can harm.

So, in this comparison of Blogger and WordPress, you must have understood that WordPress is better and not Blogger. Now let us look at other points.

2. Cost

Here the price i.e. cost can be divided into two parts, first – what is the cost of creating a blog on Blogger and WordPress, that becomes a cost, but secondly, what is the cost (Cast) of the blog you create on WordPress or Blogger.

That is, in simple words, the cost (expense) of creating a blog and the cost (profit) of that blog after it is created. So, first of all we talk about the cost of creating a blog.

To create a blog on WordPress, you have to pay for everything, even you cannot create a blog on WordPress without buying hosting and domain. After this, there are many expenses like Theme, Plugin, Elementor and many other things which you have to use. Let’s decide accordingly.

But in simple words, by purchasing a domain and a hosting, you can create a blog on WordPress, which will cost at least Rs 1000 – 5000 for a year and you get many other things for free with it i.e. WordPress Blog. The cost of making it was 1000 to 5000 rupees.

But on the other hand, Blogger is totally free where it will not cost even a single rupee from your pocket and if you create your own on Blogger, then Blogger is 100% better than this. There is no doubt in this, it is about the cost of creating a blog in which Blogger is better.

But let us also know the cost (profit) of a blog made in Blogger Vs WordPress.

Here we will compare the benefits by selling both the blogs because there is no content on the new blog and there is no way of earning, so we can know the benefits of the hard work that has been done to create the blog.

If you sell the blog made on Blogger immediately, then in my opinion no one will give even a single rupee for that blog. If there is anyone who can refute my point then contact me. I am ready to sell thousands of such blogs. .

But you can easily sell a blog made on WordPress and that too at a profit of at least Rs 5000. I have seen many people paying Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 to others to get their blogs made on WordPress.

So WordPress is better in this comparison because when you do not see the immediate benefit of doing the work then what is the benefit of using free things.

3. Uses of Blog

In the next comparison Blogger Vs WordPress in English, we will know about the customization and use of blog and which platform gives you more facilities.

If we talk about the customization of the blog made on Blogger, then here you do not get any option to customize the blog, you can get some free themes but you will not get any option to design it.

Here you have to make up your mind as to what kind of blog design you want to make, then you can give a good design look only through coding, to add any option in the blog, coding will be required, even Table of Contents, You will have to create contact form, sharing option, everything yourself.

Here, your blog post URL will have a date which you will not be able to remove from Blogger no matter what you do, and you cannot even remove the Html at the end of the URL. There is another problem in the URL itself? m=1 Problem which is there in all the URLs. It will appear which you can remove only through coding.

Here you will not get any option to increase the loading speed of the blog. You will have to work with the speed that the blogger will give or you can choose any option to increase the speed through coding. Here you can place the ads of Google Adsense or any other Ads network as per your choice. You cannot do this, you will have to use only auto ads in which the ads will be shown wherever the ad network wishes.

But when you create it on WordPress, you can customize all the points mentioned above as per your requirement and use it without coding.

There are such plugins in WordPress that will complete your hours of work in a few seconds, be it designing the blog, adding any option or placing ads.

There will be no problem even in the URL of your blog, you can create any URL you want.

Note: When I was on Blogger, I tried to add a Table of Cantant to my blog post for 1 day but I could not create a perfect Table of Cantant after reaching WordPress, through a plugin I could create a Table of Cantant in less than 8 minutes. I created which is still posted on my blog.

Here you compare the time with the fact that when you create a Table of Contents in Blogger through coding, you have to add that Table of Contents in every post, but by plugging the Table of Contents created in WordPress, the Table of Contents will be immediately visible in all your posts. Adds it and not only this, this Table of Contents gets automatically added to whatever posts you publish on your blog in future.

Here, it is not just a matter of time difference of 8 minutes or 8 days, but it is also a matter of the post to be published on the blog in future and the time of adding TOC in it too.

Here I have given only one example of plugging, there are thousands of such plugins in WordPress, then think about how much time you are going to waste on Blogger, in this way you must have understood the comparison that what is best in Blogger Vs WordPress in English.

4. Security

In today’s time, no Internet user can ignore Google’s security because Google’s security is really better. In this sense, when Blogger is a product of Google, its security is also better.

Let me tell you an example of this. Blogger Vs WordPress comparison is understood like this.

What information is required to login to WordPress Blog?

Login URL, Username and Password

What are the things required to login into Blogger blog?

Just your email id should be logged in your device.

Here it is easier to hack WordPress but not Blogger because hacking someone’s Email ID is not so easy but getting the login URL, User Name and Password of WordPress is not a big deal especially when the blog owner is careful about his blog.

This was a means of comparison, but there are such hackers in the world who have the ability to hack any blog, be it Blogger or Vs WordPress. Now if we talk about increasing the security on our blog, then you will not get any option in Blogger. .

But there is not just one but many such pluggings in WordPress where you can increase the security of your WordPress blog at each point, so WordPress is better in this regard too.

Because even if you do not get free security for your blog from anyone, but you have the option, then you yourself can make the security of your blog as per your wish.

5. Blog SEO

Blogger Vs WordPress Whatever be the blog, SEO of the blog is very important for Google ranking because in today’s time you cannot think of ranking in Google without doing SEO.

Therefore, if we look at the options for doing SEO of a blog made on Blogger, then you do not get any option here, whatever SEO you can do here, you can do it only by coding and according to your mind.

But there are many options available for doing SEO in WordPress, through which you can do your blog SEO in no time. Only this option will tell you how you can fix what is lacking in your blog SEO and without any coding or brain. can be done.

If you want to add a Sitemap of your blog, then in Blogger you will learn how to create a Sitemap, whereas in WordPress, you get a ready-made one and it is better prepared than Blogger.

If you want to select a post as No Index, then you will have to go to Blogger’s coding and give it a No Index tag, and by just ticking it in WordPress, it will become No Index.

In Blogger, you do not get any option to check and do On Page SEO of the blog post, but in WordPress, there are many such plugins which measure your On Page SEO and guide you as to what is the problem in your post and what’s more. SEO plugging gives you suggestions of some related keywords which should be added in the blog post.

Blog speed is also a matter of SEO, in which there are not just one but many types of SEO like Page Experience which depends only on blog speed and Blogger does not give you any facility to increase the speed but in WordPress there are many such things with which you can improve the speed of your blog. The speed can be increased as much as you want.

Apart from this, SEO is a very big part in which Blogger will not help you but in WordPress you will get the solution for everything.

6. Blog earnings

I am very confused about the earning of Blogger Vs WordPress because I believe less in what others say and more in my own experiments. If you, the reader, can tell me something about this, then do tell me in the comments that what I have told is wrong. Is it or right?

I have done a lot of research on the internet where people say that if your blog is built on Blogger then you will get 55% of whatever you earn from Google Adsense and Google itself will keep 45%, this is just a matter of earning from Google Ads. There are no ways to earn money from blogging.

If your blog is built on WordPress, then you will get 68% of whatever you earn from Google Ads while Google will keep 32% with itself, so in this sense WordPress is better but here you have to pay the cost of domain name and web hosting.

But my experience says that till date I have been using Google Adsense for more than a year and 3 months in blogging in which I have earned 400$+ in which I have never seen Google deducting any money. .

This is about WordPress because after getting the approval from Blogger, I came directly to WordPress, hence I will not be able to tell whether any money is deducted from Blogger’s earnings or not, but on WordPress, I am 100% sure that my Google Adsense earnings are helping Google. Haven’t deducted any money yet.

Three months ago, I saw 1$ being deducted from my Google Adsense earnings which was due to invalid traffic, but apart from this, I have not seen any money being deducted from my earnings.

Well, whatever it is, you must have understood this Blogger Vs WordPress Earning in English comparison. Now let us see the comparison of Portability.

7. Portability

Today, why not create a blog on any platform Blogger Vs WordPress? There will come a time when you will feel that you should leave this platform and go to another platform.

Most bloggers face this problem when they create a blog on Blogger, at that time they do not know whether it is good or bad. When they understand it, they try to move from Blogger to WordPress or other platforms.

This problem is not only in Blogger, it is also in WordPress. When you buy a bad hosting and create a blog, then changing the hosting is no less than changing the platform.

In such a situation, you understand how many options are there to move from one platform to another and which platform is offering better options.

So if we talk about moving a blogger to another platform, then it is a very difficult task when your blog has become successful on which there are more posts and in which a custom domain is not even added. Understand that it is not possible and if you can somehow achieve this impossible task. Even if you make it possible, your blog will surely be ruined.

But if Blogger has a custom domain then it can be moved but still it will not be easy to do because it has all kinds of problems which you will decide which one to face.

But if your blog is on WordPress then you can very easily change the hosting or go to another platform. Although the user of WordPress does not go to Blogger, but even if he wants to go, he can go, only the URL will be a problem.

Overall, here WordPress is better than Blogger in portability, because you will get more options to move in WordPress.

8. Live Support

Till now we have talked a lot about Blogger Vs WordPress in English, let us now know about the support, how much Blogger will support you and what kind of support WordPress will give.

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress, knowingly or unknowingly there is some problem in the blog then we need customer support but in Blogger you do not get any such live support where you can talk to the customer and get the solution to your problem. Here you can You just send an email and there is no guarantee when the reply will come.

But in WordPress blog you get 24×7 Live Support, which means that you can get the solution to your problem by talking to the WordPress team, here you can do full Live Chat.

This is about, but if your blog is also on free, then you get better support here than, but only the premium ones will get better, not the free ones.

Blogger Vs WordPress Selection in English: Who is better?

Both of these platforms are one of the most popular platforms in the world. There is no other platform better than these two. Well, you must have understood that Blogger Vs WordPress is better but if you want to know from me who is the best among these two? I would say that WordPress is 100% better than Blogger in any field.

I like Blogger, so its security and the way to login to the blog because to login to WordPress, search the URL and then login by entering the User Name and Password.

But once you are logged in to Blogger, you just have to search, which allows you to directly login to your blog without doing anything, which is also secure. Such a feature will be found in WordPress also and would have been better.

But still, there are many such things in Blogger which can be very useful for new bloggers, so let us now know who should use Blogger and who should use WordPress because according to the purpose of the blog, this selection is also mandatory.

Who should use Blogging?

Whatever blog we create, we have a goal with that blog, what do you want to achieve from the blog by creating a blog, if you are creating a blog for fun, then it would not be wise to spend money and create it on WordPress because here you can create your blog. Will waste money.

In my opinion, Blogger should be used by those who want to create a blog just for the purpose of learning, or want to create a blog for the purpose of having fun on the internet, or want to create a blog for some personal work.

Many people use Blogger only for making backlinks, so if you are in this category then you should use Blogger only.

Many people say that you can create a blog on Blogger to earn money, which is not wrong because you can earn money from free Blogger too, but based on my experience, this is not right.

Because when your aim is to earn money from the blog, then you will get more facilities on good platforms, there you will be able to do less and if there is more work, you will earn more money, then why stay tied to the blogger and do harm to yourself.

Who should use WordPress?

It does not matter whether you are a new blogger or an old blogger, because if it is an old blogger who has created a blog just for fun, then creating it on WordPress is a waste of money.

But if you are a completely new blogger and think of earning money, earning respect in the society, earning name by starting blogging, then you will have to set up your blog on WordPress with domain and name. A blog should be created by purchasing hosting.

Many new bloggers have doubts whether their blog will be successful. I say it will be successful but how much of your money will be spent. 1000 – 5000 rupees. How much will be spent per day for a year? According to 5000 rupees, a What will happen to you by spending 8-9 rupees a day, or what will you achieve by saving so much.

If you are successful here, your life will become better. Even if you fail, you will get knowledge worth more than Rs. 5000. The rest is your choice, what do you think and where and on which platform do you start your blogging.

This post has become very long otherwise I would have told you about my blogging journey, what a big mistake I made a year ago by starting my blog on Blogger, I have given some information about this in this post which you can read if you want.

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Conclusion – WordPress Vs Blogger in English

This was the information about Blogger Vs WordPress where you learned which blogging platform is better for blogging and earning money among Blogger and WordPress platforms, where we have made a complete comparison of Blogger Vs WordPress in English to know how to use both these platforms. On the basis.

I hope that this information has given you a good understanding of what is better between Blogger and WordPress, with the help of which you will be able to decide on which platform you should create your blog in Blogger Vs WordPress in English, which will help you more in your blogging journey. Could.

If you liked this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook and other social media so that more and more people can read this post and understand the difference between Blogger and WordPress and start blogging only by choosing a good blogging platform…


Which is better Blogger or WordPress for Google AdSense

Yes, 100% WordPress is better because through the plugin you can place manual ads of Google Adsense, which is easy and will also give more earning, which is not possible in Blogger.

Is Blogger and WordPress same?

No, the work of both can be the same because blogs are created on both the platforms but their facilities are different.

I am a blogging enthusiast, passionate about SEO, Digital Marketing, and teaching beginners how to create amazing WordPress websites, blogger websites and how to start blogging, and how to earn money from blogging.

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