Saffron Sunrise Poem in English

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Saffron Sunrise Poem in English
Saffron Sunrise Poem in English

Saffron Sunrise Poem

In the canvas of the morning sky,
A masterpiece unfolds, oh, so high.
Brushstrokes of saffron, a sunlit surprise,
Waking the world with a radiant sunrise.

The horizon ablaze with golden fire,
A celestial dance, a day’s desire.
Saffron hues, a warm embrace,
Gently painting the world’s sleeping face.

The sun ascends, a majestic sphere,
Chasing away shadows, bringing daylight near.
Saffron tendrils in a skyward race,
Announcing the day with grace.

A symphony of colors, a dawn’s ballet,
Saffron sunrise, a herald of day.
Golden whispers in the morning breeze,
Nature’s painting, a masterpiece with ease.

Mountains silhouette against the fiery sky,
Birds in chorus as the new day draws nigh.
Saffron tendrils gently beam,
A sunrise spectacle, a vibrant dream.

In the quiet moments before the world awakes,
Saffron sunrise, the day partakes.
A promise written in the morning’s eyes,
A new beginning in saffron sunrise.

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