Kaleidoscope Dreams Poem in English

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Kaleidoscope Dreams Poem in English
Kaleidoscope Dreams Poem in English

Kaleidoscope Dreams Poem

In the realm of sleep, where visions play,
Kaleidoscope dreams in hues of the day.
A tapestry woven in the midnight streams,
Whirling, twirling, kaleidoscope dreams.

A dance of colors in the mind’s embrace,
Shifting patterns, a surreal chase.
Mystical fragments in a cosmic scheme,
Unfolding scenes in kaleidoscope dreams.

Emerald greens and sapphire blues,
Golden yellows, and crimson hues.
A vibrant mosaic in the moonlit beams,
Painting the canvas of kaleidoscope dreams.

Butterfly whispers in the zephyr’s flight,
Iridescent illusions taking flight.
Through the looking glass, reality teems,
With fantastical wonders in kaleidoscope dreams.

Shapes and shadows in constant play,
A surreal journey in the night’s ballet.
The mind’s creation, a mosaic it deems,
Crafting a masterpiece in kaleidoscope dreams.

Echoes of laughter, silent screams,
Woven seamlessly in the tapestry of dreams.
A surreptitious voyage in midnight streams,
Lost in the enchantment of kaleidoscope dreams.

As dawn approaches, the visions dissolve,
Yet the kaleidoscope lingers, a puzzle to solve.
In the waking world, where reality redeems,
We carry fragments of kaleidoscope dreams.

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