Whispers of the Moon Poem in English

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Whispers of the Moon Poem in English
Whispers of the Moon Poem in English

Whispers of the Moon Poem

In the tranquil realm of night,
Bathed in silvery, soft moonlight.
Whispers echo through the air,
Secrets that the night does bear.

The moon, a gentle confidante,
Casting its glow in a celestial dance.
Its whispers, a lullaby to the stars,
In the quietude, it leaves its memoirs.

A mystic aura in the lunar haze,
Unveiling dreams in a cosmic phase.
Whispers of the moon, a soothing balm,
In the stillness, a tranquil psalm.

Amongst the shadows and silver sheen,
A whispered tale of the unseen.
Moonlight’s secrets softly croon,
In the night, the ethereal tune.

Through veiled branches, whispers play,
As the moonlight gently sways.
A serenade to the hearts that swoon,
Lost in the enchanting whispers of the moon.

In the velvet night, a celestial choir,
Moonlit whispers that inspire.
Ephemeral verses in the lunar cocoon,
A symphony of night’s tender monsoon.

So, listen close in the quiet gloom,
To the cosmic verses that gently loom.
In the realm where dreams are strewn,
Find solace in the whispers of the moon.

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