Haiku Poem in English

Hello friends, we have written a Haiku Poem in English for your entertainment, which you will get a good education and this poem will help your children in reading. It is our endeavor that all of you like our Haiku Poem.

Haiku Poem in English
Haiku Poem in English

Haiku Poem

Moonlight on still lake,
Whispers of a breeze so light,
Nature’s silent hymn.

Cherry blossoms fall,
Petals dancing in the breeze,
Spring’s fleeting embrace.

Sunset’s golden kiss,
Paints the sky in warm hues,
Day whispers goodbye.

City lights aglow,
Streets alive with hurried souls,
Night’s vibrant heartbeat.

Autumn leaves descend,
Crimson, amber, nature’s art,
Whispers of farewell.

Ocean waves embrace,
Tales of distant lands untold,
Seagulls echo dreams.

Mountains touch the sky,
Majestic peaks in silence,
Eternal guardians.

Raindrops on the glass,
Melody of stormy nights,
Nature’s lullaby.

Wandering lone path,
Footsteps echo through the woods,
Secrets of the trees.

Snowflakes softly fall,
Blanket of winter’s embrace,
Silent world in white.

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